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AA 587, Another
TWA 800 Cover-up?

YOWUSA.COM, 10-December-2001
Steve Russell


Tampering With Time

After recovering and analyzing the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and Flight Data Recorder (FDR), the NTSB issued all the relevant details to the media.  TIME magazine and every other major form of media published very fancy diagrams explaining the short and fatal trip based on the NTSB information.

A basic version of these diagrams looks like this: 

What is important is the fact that the data from takeoff to crash lasts a total of 144 seconds. However, what very few organizations reported, was that on November 20 the NTSB published an update on their web page which deleted 41 seconds from this original timeline that everyone had previously taken as gospel.

NTSB,November 20, 2001
Update on NTSB investigation into crash of American Airlines Flight 587

The Safety Board has calculated that the time between flight 587's liftoff from Runway 31L until the end of the recorded FDR data is 93 seconds.  The CVR continued to record information for about 10 more seconds (this is a correction of the time announced last week); it is believed the CVR ends at or about the time of the plane's impact with the ground. Therefore, the Board estimates that the time from lift off to impact was 103 seconds.

What is missing from this press release is any explanation, justification or even excuse as to how and where 41 seconds were removed from the timeline. 

Another interesting point that seems to have gone unnoticed by the media is that the FDR data suddenly ends after only 93 seconds. Detailed specifications of the FDR state that they are capable of 25 hours continuous recording.  Why did the FDR stop sending data?  Perhaps the answer could be found by examining the container.

CNN,November 14, 2001
Crashed plane may have flown too close to another jet

The investigation was hampered by a damaged memory module that prevented access to valuable information from the Airbus A300's flight data recorder.  Investigators shipped the recorder to its manufacturer in Sarasota, Florida, for help. 

Whatever was responsible for the unprecedented damage of the plane may have been responsible for the damage to the FDR.  If so, it could mean that the cause of the crash came from within the aircraft itself and to the rear of the plane where the FDR is stored.

It has been reported that the rudder information from the FDR became unreliable 2.5 seconds before it stopped recording.  What, however, does the NTSB mean by "unreliable"?  Had the rudder stopped sending data altogether, or was it at least sending something to the FDR?  Perhaps they are calling the data unreliable because they do not like what they see.

It is widely believed that the NTSB has tampered with FDR data in previous investigations. Remember TWA 800?

There was a storm of controversy surrounding the famous TWA flight 800 disaster.  If you look at all the evidence the NTSB refuses to consider in this case, you cannot help but agree with those who claim that terrorists shot down TWA flight 800 with a surface to air missile. 

Upon closer examination of public records, the American flight 587 and TWA flight 800 investigations appear to share two identical aspects:  Missing or modified FDR data and the involvement of NASA. 

TWA 800 All Over Again

The 41 missing seconds, and 2.5 "unreliable" seconds from Flight 587, demonstrate a striking resemblance to the protocol used in the TWA investigation.

Associated Retired Aviation
Professionals, December 15, 2000

Analysis of Flight Data Recorder

In this detailed analysis he proves beyond any doubt that the NTSB is withholding data from the end of the FDR tape.  The analysis shows that the printed data released by the NTSB, which was revised several times, does not match the analog tape segment waveform received under the Freedom of Information Act.  Glen's analysis shows that there could be up to 4 seconds missing from the end of the tape, or in the alternative, the end of the tape was edited to remove some data, causing the difference between the printed data and the waveform data. 

Another similarity is the involvement of NASA.   

Space.Com, November 29, 2001
NASA Langley to Assist in American Airlines Flight 587 Inquiry

The plane's tail section and rudder parts, made up of a composite of carbon-fiber reinforced epoxy, are on their way to NASA's Langley Research Center, where scientists specializing in such materials can study them.  Transportation safety board officials hope the scrutiny will lead to an explanation of how and why the tail section separated from the rest of the plane. 

Officials with NASA's Office of Aerospace and Technology said the center has also participated in studies of debris from crash of TWA Flight 800 in July of 1996. 

If NASA was involved and cooperated with the allegedly corrupt TWA investigation, why not bring them in again to hopefully come up with a believable explanation for an unbelievable crash?  Despite the fact that dozens of credible witnesses came forward to testify they saw a missile hit TWA, the government ignored their testimony so as to arrive at a completely contradictory conclusion.

Persistence of Truth

After the crash of Flight 587, Jim McKenna, the Executive Director of the Aviation Safety Alliance appeared in the CNN.com Newsroom where a chat participant asked him an interesting question.

CNN,November 13, 2001
Jim McKenna: What happened to American Airlines Flight 587?

CHAT PARTICIPANT: Mr. McKenna, have you heard whether any amateur video of this plane crash has turned up? 

McKENNA: I haven't.  I'm sure if there was, some TV network would have bought and aired it. 

That is of course, if the investigators had nothing to hide. 

NewsMax.Com,November 16, 2001
FBI Sitting on Flight 587 Videotape

A videotape that could show exactly what happened to American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed three minutes after taking off from New York's JFK airport on Monday, is in the hands of the FBI but the bureau has thus far declined to release it. 

New York City's Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Tom Kelly confirmed to the Daily News Friday that the agency has given surveillance videotapes from Cross Bay Blvd. and Marine Parkway bridges to the FBI. 

When an Air France Concorde jetliner crashed after catching fire on takeoff from a rural French airport last year, an amateur video of the accident was released within 48 hours. 

What is also highly suspicious regarding this videotape is the fact it was initially given to the FBI and not the NTSB.  The FBI is supposed to be the secondary investigating team being led by the NTSB. The FBI cannot take over until such time that the crash appears to have been a criminal act.


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But this is not the only video available.

Aviation Now, November 14, 2001
New Clues Deepen Flight 587 Crash Mystery

Black said a construction worker shot video of Flight 587's takeoff roll, but turned his camera away as the A300-600's gear was retracting. 

This video has not been bought and aired on any major news television either.  A big news agency will usually buy any footage it can get if it means an exclusive look at the final moments before a disaster.  Since this footage was personally owned and not the property of any government agency, why did they manage to refrain from obtaining such an exclusive this time?

As the NewsMax article above states, the suppressed footage may contain exactly what really happened. The government can only keep this knowledge hidden for so long.  The truth will eventually be known. 

The beauty of truth is that it has a strong persistence and tendency to reveal itself against the wishes of those that strive to keep it hidden.  Recent statements regarding TWA 800 by key figures during the September 11 attacks are a perfect example of truth rearing its head in order to be heard.

George Stephanopoulos from ABC was in the special White House situation room when TWA was happening. He got to hear what was really going on, and he labels it a bombing.

Associated Retired Aviation
Professionals, September 11, 2001

ABC News Special Report: America Under Attack (Transcript)

STEPHANOPOULOS: There are facilities in the White House, not the normal situation room which everyone has seen in the past, has seen pictures of, but there is a second situation room behind the—the primary situation room which has video conferencing capabilities.  The—the director of the Pentagon, the defense chief can speak from a national military command center at the Pentagon.  The secre—secretary of state can speak from the State Department; the president from wherever he is and they'll have this capability to video conference throughout this crisis and my time at the White House was used in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing.  In the aftermath of the TWA Flight 800 bombing and—and that would be the way they would stay in contact through the afternoon. 

In addition to the Freudian slips by Stephanopoulos, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts also slips up on two different programs, lumping TWA into the same category of admitted terrorist acts.

CNN, September 11, 2001
Associated Retired Aviation Professionals
Larry King Live (Transcript) 

We have always known this could happen.  We've warned about it.  We've talked about it.  I regret to say, as I served on the Intelligence Committee up until last year. I can remember after the bombings of the embassies, after TWA 800, we went through this flurry of activity, talking about it, but not really doing hard work of responding.

CNBC, September 24, 2001
Associated Retired Aviation Professionals
CNBC News (Transcript)

You know, we've had terrorism for a long time now.  We've had the Achille Lauro, the Munich Olympics, the pipe bomb at the Olympics in Atlanta, the TWA 800, the bombing of embassies, and it's not going to disappear overnight.

If the similarities between TWA flight 800 and AA flight 587 are more than just coincidence, then a terrorist act against Flight 587 should be investigated openly and honestly. However, this is difficult without the video, but there is plenty of circumstantial evidence and expert opinions in the media, both of which go a long way to proving this theory.

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