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The Beast Has Awoken Part 2,
ATM Card Users Are Halfway There

YOWUSA.COM, 25-October-01
Marshall Masters 


2002- First Voluntary Use of National ID Cards

As we enter into the next year of the program, bank will have begun issuing brand new ATM cards through the national ID system. 

The new national ID cards will work just the same as our old bank ATM cards, except that they can also be used as a primary piece of identification when a photo ID is not required.

ATM Card Reader w/National ID

When making a retail ATM purchase, we will use our national ID card, which also now happens to be our ATM card just as we would ATM card or credit card.  As we also do now, we will enter our personal identification number. 

As the year rolls on, companies in the Silicon Valley will have developed extensive linkages between the national ID System and bankcard institutions.  As these linkages are added to the system, Oracle Corp., of course receives a little added bonus for the new licensing scheme but this is not seen by you, the end user. What you will see is another form appearing in your credit card statement saying that you can now link your credit card to your national ID card. 

When you go to a retail store and pay by swiping a national ID card, the ATM terminal will then display options to you as to whether you want to use a credit card or your ATM account to pay for the transaction.

2003- Your National ID Cards Is Also Your License to Drive

Shortly after the approval of a national ID card back in 2001, motor  vehicle departments in every state in the union will have initiated an internal dialogue on how to link the national ID card and driver's license as well.

When applying for a license or renewing a license, many Americans are now accustomed to being photographed and fingerprinted. By 2003, we will begin to see states rolling out their new driver's license ID based on the national ID card. Of course, the state of California will most likely be right up there at the top of the early adopter list. 

Beginning in 2003, if you do not already possess a national ID card, your  application for a national I.D. card will be required at the time you renew your driver's license or are granted a new driver's license.  At that time you will be photographed and fingerprinted according to the new standards.

National ID with Biometric Data

When you receive your new national ID card it will already be tied to your master national ID account, so you will not have to do anything new in order to make sure that your existing bank accounts and credit cards will work properly.  This will be done through a central information clearing house operated by the governent, or a contractor under government supervision.

Then, the new national ID card will have a different appearance, as it will show your photo ID which is necessary for driver's license.  It will have a special copper conductor pad, which will be connected to a substrate layer within the card itself.  Within this substrate layer will be at digital image of your thumb print, and the only way the card will work when swiped through an ATM reader is if your thumb is pressed on the conductor pad. 

The obvious advantage to you, will be that you'll no longer need to remember a personal identification number.  Also, you are the only one who can use the card.

2004 New Palmprint Ensures Faster Checkouts

Until now, the entire national ID card solution has not required new equipment to be installed in banks or retail locations.  This is because up to this point, the entire national security ID scheme has been based around the present day ATM swipe device technology. However, with this device will now come a peculiar problem that happens more often with those who have the thumb print national ID card. 

A persistent problem with biometric technology is that it is not 100% accurate.  Actually, the typical accuracy rate for these types of devices is roughly 85%.  Consequently, those who do not hold card just right may have to swipe at several times in order for it to register.  This will create a demand for a more convenient and reliable solution.  Enter the full screen touchpad and the full palm print.

ATM Card and Biometric Reader

Touch screen technology has been in America for many years.  We're used to seeing them in malls, convention centers, airport and hotel lobbies, where we stand in front of a computer's workstation with no keyboard and touch the screen in answer to the questions it presents. 

A much smaller version of the familiar touch screen can be adapted to the swipe reader in present day check stance without changing this size of the reader.  This is important because retailers value every square inch of space and if a new device requires new space it presents new problems and is therefore more slowly adopted.

The new touch pad will allow us to use our palmprint in lieu of our national ID card, which we can still use if we choose. With this new enhancement, we do not even need to carry our national ID card. 

If we are stopped by a policeman on our way to the mall because of a minor traffic violation, the policeman will have a portable version of the same type of device that we will use to make our purchase in the mall once we finally arrive.  So even our being stopped by an officer will not longer require carrying physical identification. 

2005 Advanced Biometric Sampling


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By the year 2005, we will have become so accustomed to our national ID System that there will be little resistance, if any to the final phase of the deployment.  This will, in the form of advanced biometric data sampling, include retinal scans and DNA sampling beginning at birth.

Now, our grocery store ATM device will let us our palm print or retinal scan for ID.  The national ID card we have been using for the last 4 years will be obsolete. 

Advanced Biometric ATM Reader

This will be bad news for criminals as they will have become rather adept at forging national ID cards. This in turn will serve as the principal reason why the government will mandate the fifth and final stage of the deployment, and do away with national ID cards altogether. 

In the last phase of the deployment, the human body will be the national ID card.  There will be no other card.

As a final note, the sample national ID card deployment scheme shows above deals with passive security systems.  A passive security system requires you, the user, to interact with it by putting yourself in proximity to it or by  voluntarily interacting with it in some way or another. 

An active system on the other hand does not require your participation, and it can find you where and when it chooses and observe whatever you are doing.  (In my next installment in this series, I will discuss active security system issues.)

Then Comes The Real Beast

If in 2005 our government has abandoned much of our rights, and the present day abuses we see within the FBI using the existing systems today proliferates into a nightmare tomorrow, what will it look like?  

One of the most currently voiced assumptions about this system is that a bureaucrat working in some anonymous office somewhere can push a button and make your entire identity disappear.   

This will not happen, because if your identity disappears completely, then you'd be a person with nothing left to lose, and a person with nothing left to lose is by a definition a terrorist.  Therefore, the government will not punish you for what it feels are your transgressions by making your records disappear.  Rather, it will divert your time energy and money by injecting damaging and fictitious records into your national ID. Regardless of how that information gets into your file.  It will be incumbent upon you to clean up the mass if you want to carry on with your life.  We already understand this problem today and this is why many of us have a credit report printed for us every year to see who is saying what about us.    

The potential for abuse, fraud, and harassment boggles the mind.  This is why we must not allow this to happen as a kneekerk reaction to another catastrophic event.  Rather, we must take action now and force the issue of a national ID card out into the open and as a constitutional amendment.  

We need a digital persona amendment stated clearly in our Constitution.  We cannot afford to let lawyers decide this issue in the lower courts, as most Americans cannot even afford the least expensive attorney.   

We need a constitutional amendment that very clearly defines our right of privacy, our access to information without redactions, deletions or changes.  However, most importantly this constitutional right must give us the ability to sue individually anyone (whether they work for the government or not) who has injured or harassed us or has smeared our reputation through access to our national ID file. There must also be a severe mandatory sentence for anyone (whether they work for the government or not) who uses our national ID file to commit a crime.

Folks, the wave is coming and it is relentless.  Do we change our fate by riding it, or will we just let it crash down upon us sending us all to a sandy and airless bottom?

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