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Impact Harbingers?

YOWUSA.COM, 11-July-04
Jacco van der Worp


What happens from here?

Of course, we still need to keep track of the skies, as usual.  If something serious does come our way, our trusted government officials would most likely announce it far too late to allow any timely evacuation.  Therefore, the public needs to stay alert for increased sightings and to act wisely.  Even though a serious indication of an impact possibility exists, we must prevent panic, because it works counterproductive at all times. 

In case of an impending sea impact, seek higher ground inland.  Going 100 miles inland and to a place over 300 feet in height above the sea will almost certainly keep you safe.  If you are in France, go to a cave that is on higher ground, to shelter from the inevitable shockwave from the impact.

Other than that, we will live as humankind.  Not every person will survive, but life will go on.  We will get back up and go on.

Is all this fishing?  Are we clutching at conspiracies?  That is always possible, but something is certainly making world leaders increasingly nervous, and they are setting the pieces on the world chessboard.  Why place pieces on a chess board if no one is about to play?

Eighteen British warships are at sea for Exercise Aurora.  This exercise covers the area along the eastern seaboard of the United States to the Gulf of Mexico.  Also joining the war games are ships and personnel from Canada, Holland, Germany, Peru, Norway, Italy, Denmark, France and Australia.


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Take a closer look at the effects of an impact in the Bay of Biscay.  What would that do to any ports around it?  It would most likely wipe them out.  Ports in Northern Spain, France, England, Holland, Germany (Hamburg and Kiel), Denmark, Norway and across the Atlantic in Eastern Canada and on the US East coast would be either damaged or destroyed.

Finally, look at the route taken by the vessels taking part in the exercise.  The article indicates that various vessels in the Aurora task force will visit the Azores, Bermuda, Virginia, Massachusetts, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New York and Louisiana.  That nearly looks like heading for shelter in the Gulf, if Louisiana is the end of their tour.

Please, however, judge for yourself.  We are not trying to convince you that the end of the world is upon us.  We are only trying to encourage you to watch and listen.  After all, whether all this will come to pass, and when it will come to pass, remains to be seen.  Only time will tell.

However, as Marshall Masters says in his motto: "Destiny comes to those who listen and fate finds the rest."

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