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Evidence of a City on Mars?

YOWUSA.COM, 14-Sep-08
Marshall Masters

Evidence of a City on Mars? On February 01, 2008, Youtube user sean1david1ryan posted his analysis of an ESA Mars photo he obtained from the ESA web site titled Mars Civilization: Evidence By European Space Agency.

In response to reader inquiries we decided to give it a look. First thing we noticed was that this video has been viewed over 193,000 times and has earned a solid 4-star ranking. This tells us it has passed an essential smell test, with the general public.

The reason this video is popular is because it presents the data so that viewers can draw their own conclusions. This honest approach propelled us to perform a own video analysis. We first watched the video and then performed our own independent image analysis.

In this same spirit,we encourage you to watch the video and then examine our own enhanced images. After that, you decide.



Video About Text

The European Space Agency has leaked evidence clearly showing civilization on planet Mars.This video will show you the evidence,as well as how you can download it and judge for yourself.

Also this Video shows a new Head Monument that has been recently identified on the Maritian surface.

This is not a hoax.

Thank You For Your Time,

Our Image Analysis

First off, we wish to congratulate sean1david1ryan for straightforward manner in which he presented his finding. It is was a simple matter for us to duplicate similar results, using more aggressive photo analysis techniques than he showed in his video.

ESA Orignal
ESA Enhanced
ESA Enhanced Closeup

One difficulty with the video is the lower Youtube Flash resolution which makes it difficult to see what sean1david1ryan is explaining. Especially for those with an untrained eye. However, when you view the ESA original and know what to look for, it is there, and without any need for enhancement.

The enhanced version adds detail and the closup enhanced version unquestionably offers compelling support for sean1david1ryan's intelligent design theory.

Now you decide.