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Man-made Global Warming is a Global Cooling Conspiracy

YOWUSA.COM, 11-March-2007
Marshall Masters


EU Emmission TradingFor months, Benny Peiser has been steadily reporting on the malformation of the European emission trading market through his CCNet list.

The EU is struggling to find a way to buy and sell pollution rights, and the whole thing has boiled down to what can best be described with the Russian word for chaos, "bardok," which was the eventual status of most Soviet 5-year plans.

Unlike reversing ozone depletion, where we didn't drag the issue past cadres of disbelieving bean counters, we've now turned global warming into a bean counter issue. This is a brilliant move for debunkers, as they now get new ways to create inaction.

When you stand back and take it all in, the whole thing seems laughable in a Jim Jones, Jonestown sense. It only took a few incomplete studies and Soylent Green for us to say "to hell with the bean counters. We gotta fix this and fix it now!" And we did! Yet, we cannot do it again.

Yet, the insanity continues with global warming. The numbers do not lie. The sun is getting more active, and the world is getting hotter. Sure, the skies are clearer because we've reduced the amount of cooling gases we're spewing into the atmosphere. This in turn is exacerbating global warming because, by reducing cooling particles, we're also minimizing global dimming, which at least mitigates global warming to some degree. Worse yet, Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, is absolutely right in pointing that we're pumping out more warming gases than ever before, and more is to come.

Meanwhile, the media are continuing to erode any hope of galvanizing a global effort to combat global warming by giving debunkers ample opportunities to inject more confusion into the discussion. As this is going on, politicians are playing Bardok, the economic game of global warming acceleration through lip service.

So why are we letting the industrials, their debunkers and their politicians serve us the global warming Kool-aid like gullible Jonestown cultists? Before you answer that question...know this. There is no sane answer. Only an insane truth.

Those who control the planet already see most of us as bone dust – and they're right. Most of us are singing Auld Lang Syne on the good ship Poseidon, and we have no Earthly idea that we're about to be dropped on our heads.

Now, it is time to cut to the chase.

Why Man-made Global Warming is a Global Cooling Conspiracy

This article has been long-winded, but that is by design. To understand the Machiavellian simplicity of what is happening, one must first peel away the cacophony of those paid to create, mask and deflect that, which is happening. Now, your indulgence shall be rewarded, but it will be sad reward.

Like those who died in the Indian Ocean Superquake and Tsunami, most of us walking the Earth today are dead, and we just don't know it. However, those who steer the world do, and they are largely unaffected by what we think about them, unless it happens to dampen their plans.

We're talking old families who have controlled world affairs with their vast reservoirs of capital for centuries and plan to continue doing so. To those in the financial circles, they're they're simply called "The Crown." If you want to find them, do a little research on the Web to see who actually owns America's Federal Reserve Bank. There are other power groups like them, but it is safe to say that "The Crown" is one of the biggest, if not the most powerful.

Like us, these power groups pursue noble aims, and they fail with selfish blunders. Like us, they squabble amongst themselves in a daily global game of king of the hill. These are the people who finance monsters like Adolf Hitler and then live to regret it. As to the ill-gotten gains in their coffers,well, that's not up for discussion.

They're not perfect; they do not hold power in a perfect world, and they do not rule in perfect ways. But they do rule in a manner that reminds me of something I once saw printed on a construction worker's tee-shirt. "If the limb is not completely severed, continue working."

Given that these people can create money at will, what motivates them? It is how their descendants will view them. These manipulators of power come from long blood lines and worry more about what their grandchildren will think of them than any indignation we can throw at them.

So what do they see for their grandchildren? A post 2012 world, where those who survive the coming apocalypse of natural and man-made tribulations leaves us with a new post historic world, struggling to rebuild itself.

In the boardrooms and meeting rooms, they're continually search for new ways to end-run the environmentalists so they can continue pumping warming gases into our atmosphere while there is still time. They know that, in the years to come, our solar system will pass through the center of the Galactic Rift, and our Sun will become incredibly violent, thereby triggering massive volcano and supervolcano eruptions that will fill our atmosphere with cooling particles.

It is why by 2008, the world's major industrial nations will have a fleet of 7 solar observatories in space, monitoring every possible aspect of the Sun. They'll be looking for several things, but most important will be to see that the perfect solar storm does not wreak havoc on our computer-driven industrial societies. These same solar storms will cause eruptions, quakes, etc.

How else can we explain the massive growth of consumer societies that gobble resources like locusts? The more we consume and use energy from fossil fuels, the more carbon we put in the air. The more carbon we put in the air, the better our chances of mitigating the global dimming effects of the cooling particles our volcanoes will soon be spewing into the atmosphere. If we're lucky, enough man-made carbon dioxide will have been forced into the atmosphere to stave off a post-2012 ice age.

This is what occupies the the minds of today's power brokers as they sit for their portraits. With luck, their decedents will gaze at their portraits with respect and admiration, and "Grandfather saved our empire," will be on their lips.

In the same vein, now that you know, what will your grandchildren think of you?

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