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2012 Wisdom of The Elohim

The Complete Virtual Serenity 12-Part
Teaching Series Transcript

2012 Wisdom of The ElohimMarshall Masters (Producer, Commentary)
Rebecca Jernigan (Channel for The Elohim)

A Philosophy of 2012 Survival Through Awareness, For All Walks of Life

When planning ahead for difficult times we each go through a similar process. One that begins with awareness and which then leads us to knowledge. At some point, we eventually we realize that the need for material preparations is prudent, but then what comes next? The most important phase of all. Spiritual preparation. The kind that strengthens you with a purposeful sense-of-self to help endure the difficult times ahead, with hope, humanity and compassion.

This transcript of the 12-part series by Marshall Masters offers secular insights into the concerns most most often voiced by those experiencing troubling dreams and visions of the future.

1st Edition — January 2009
152 Pages, 23,772 Words

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Rebecca Jernigan (Channel for The Elohim)

Clairvoyant, author, meditation guide, and syndicated talk radio host of the Journeys with Rebecca Radio Show, Rebecca is a channel for the guides she calls The Elohim, an energetic consciousness here to empower the human spirit with individual sovereignty.

Rebecca first discovered her psychic connection with The Elohim when she was 4 years old and has channeled them ever since.  As an adult, she focused on her natural abilities and in 1988, was certified as a Professional Psychic. In 1994 she also became a Reiki Master Teacher in 5 disciplines.

Rebecca first became acquainted with Marshall Masters when he first appeared on her nationally syndicated radio program, Journeys with Rebecca Radio Show in October 2003.  After his sixth appearance on her show in November 2006, he began researching her channeling abilities.

In October 2007, Marshall and yowusa.com co-founders Janice Manning and Jacco van der Worp, MSc, began a formal series of channeled interviews with Rebecca and The Elohim in furtherance of their research on 2012 and Planet X-related topics.

This teaching series by The Elohim was recorded the following month in a series of ten separate channeling sessions.  Their messages are fully and faithfully represented in this teaching series.


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