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The Kolbrin Bible
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Virtual Serenity: The Journey Within

Virtual Serenity: The Journey WithinMarshall Masters, Producer
Coyote Oldman, Soundtrack

This 22-minute relaxation video offers a simple and pleasant way to diminish the effects of life's usual worries and concerns. 

Virtual Serenity: The Journey Within features live scenic views of Lake Tahoe, California’s Big Sur beaches, majestic Redwoods and the Native American flute soundtrack by Coyote Oldman, America’s most popular New Age instrumentalist.  Lovingly crafted to help adults lighten their sense of self, it can also be used by parents as a natural way to help calm fidgety children.

For those of you who are new to the Planet X and 2012 topics, the subject matter can be rather disquieting. So please be sure to view Marshall's Virtual Serenity relaxation video. It will really help you to relax.


The Journey Within

The Journey Within is available for free via YouTube and through the Yowusa.com Subscriber HD Theater.



For those interested in an optimal viewing and listening experience, the MPEG version (232MB) of The Journey Within is included with the Spread the Word CD-Extra. This CD-Extra is included for free with every book ordered from this site.


New From Virtual Serenity

The goal of Virtual Serenity to empower the viewer with a secular, spiritual approach to managing the stress caused by natural catastrophes as well as everyday life. The nature study ideography style of Marshall Masters is designed to enhance focus. The camera does not not so that the motion you see, is from the natural interaction of wind and water.

2012 Wisdom of The Elohim Transcript    
Marshall Masters, Rebecca Jernigan    
A Philosophy of 2012 Survival Through Awareness, For All Walks of Life    

When planning ahead for difficult times we each go through a similar process. One that begins with awareness and which then leads us to knowledge. At some point, we eventually we realize that the need for material preparations is prudent, but then what comes next? The most important phase of all. Spiritual preparation. The kind that strengthens you with a purposeful sense-of-self to help endure the difficult times ahead, with hope, humanity and compassion.

This transcript of the 12-part series by Marshall Masters offers secular insights into the concerns most most often voiced by those experiencing troubling dreams and visions of the future.

2012 Wisdom of The Elohim  


Soundtrack by Coyote Oldman
Native American Flute Instrumental

Coyote OldmanMusic brings so much to our lives because of how it evokes our feelings. It can make us feel happy, proud, sad and so many other human emotions. Likewise, it can remind us of the peaceful and beautiful moments in our lives when we were happy and as free as the wind. This is why the meditative sounds of the Native American flute were used  to create the musical soundtrack for Virtual Serenity: The Journey Within.

The soundtrack for this 22-minute program features the soothing Native American flute melodies of Coyote Oldman, America’s most popular Native American flute instrumentalist.

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