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Planet X and 2012 Videos

Free News, Information and Relaxation Videos

Marshall MastersMarshall Masters, is the founder of Your Own World Books. He is a former CNN Science Features field producer and produces the informational and self-help videos featured on this site, and through the Youtube.com/Yowbooks channel.

YouTube Channel Stats As of October 28, 2013

  • Number of Videos: 83
  • Video Views: 17,640,938
  • Subscribers: 17,216

All of our videos are free to the public via YouTube.

Planet X 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

New to the topic of Planet X / Nibiru and feeling a bit overwhelmed? No matter how you got to this point, what you want and need most of all, is a clear bead on what we're up against. This program gives you that with a time-saving, head start that could save you months of personal research.

Produced and narrated by Marshall Masters, publisher of Yowusa.com, this program reveals the different names for Planet X, a chronology of Planet X research from 1781 to the present and concerns about present dangers. It also offers a simple strategy for planning and preparation that can help newcomers to quickly organize using things most folks already have on-hand.


However, the most important thing to help you and your loved ones to survive this coming global cataclysm, is the very reason why you prepare. Here, the strategy in this video is simple. Do not plan against what you fear, but for what you love, because survival is not about holding onto things. It's about holding on, to each other. GO


Planet X System Observations and Orbital Analysis

Planet X System Observations and Orbital AnalysisFor those of you who've been following and supporting our work at yowusa.com over the years, this is the video you've been waiting for.

In this video, we're going to show you some very compelling images of two objects within the Planet X system. The brown dwarf at its core and one of it's outmost orbitals, we call Bluebonnet

Meanwhile, what was the meaning of December 21, 2012? And what of the many predictions that seems to have missed the mark? Host Marshall Masters takes these questions head on. GO

Blue Kachina and Its Moon

Blue Kachina and Its MoonBased on new developments, the Turrialba Volcan Research Team has designated the Turrialba object of interest, Bluebonnet, as the Blue Kachina of Hopi prophecy. This ancient prophecy tells us the Blue Kachina, appears first with some disruptions. Then comes the Red Kachina and the end of life as we know it.

Also featured are comparisons between current data and the predictions of Project Camelot, The00SkyView Team and remote viewer, Major Ed Dames. If they are right, this could be Planet X / Nibiru. GO


Yowusa.com Response to Zetatalk.com

Yowusa.com Response to Zetatalk.comOn February 18, 2013, Nancy Leider, publisher of the Zetatalk.com web site, posted an attack video on her Youtube.com/NancyLieder channel.

Titled, Zeta Report Who Trust, Leider makes stern claims and attacks many fellow Planet X / Nibiru researchers. GO


Object of Interest As Seen From
the Turrialba Volcano

Object of Interest As Seen FromIn late December of last year Marshall Masters of Yowusa.com was contacted by a site supporter regarding an unidentified object near the sun. These images are from the Volcan high altitude volcano surveillance camera feed in Costa Rica.

Located on the Eastern rim of the Turrialba volcano at nearly 11,000 ft the Volcan imagery is so compelling that it prompted Marshall to assemble a research team from the Planet X Town hall.

The team monitored the Volcan feed throughout January 2013, on a daily basis. In the process, hundreds of images were downloaded along with hours of feed capture video. This video presents the findings of this effort, along with several motion and still studies.

Overall, more than 500 images were captured by the team during this study and Yowusa.com subscribers are welcome to download them from our study archive. GO

Turrialba Object of Interet Links

The best viewing time is between 15:30 and 17:30 CST, weather permitting. Also note, the volcano is active and venting.

Tracking Planet X

A new crop circle appeared on June 17, 2012 found in Santena, near Poirnio Italy. Like Avebury 2008, it uses a celestial alignment of major planets in our solar system to set a date of December 21, 2012.

Unlike Avebury 2008, Santena 2012 clearly shows Planet X as part of a mini-constellation. Also interesting to note is that the configuration shown in Santena 2012 is strikingly similar to the actual 2012 observations shown in a The00skyview posted on Youtube.

Complimentary Survival Relocation Analysis

Complimentary Survival Relocation AnalysisLiving in a danger zone and feeling like you need to bust a move? Purchase a qualifying yowinc.co product and receive a personalized, telephonic survival relocation analysis (SRA) with Marshall Masters.

Marshall will review the survivability of your present location and then help you to identify optimal relocation sites based on your needs and budget.

A telephonic SRA only takes 15 minutes, and it can save you time, money and grief so why go it alone? Do it today.

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You're Not Alone! Join with Like-minded
Others on the Planet X Town Hall

Survival Health System for Preppers and Survivalists

For those in preparation and planning, healthcare is a problematic area, because all things physical eventually play out and once your medical kit is empty, what will you have? You'll have Danjeon Breathing.

Danjeon Breathing dates back to the early days of acupuncture and was used exclusively by ruling elites until the Korean War (1950-1953) after which it went mainstream throughout South Korea.

It is also becoming popular in America, especially with those practicing Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi and other related energy arts. They study Danjeon Breathing to add key concepts and poses to their own personal health plan. Buy here. Learn more at FeelBetteronYourOwn.com


December 21, 2012 - Two Suns in the Sky

Marshall Masters, Producer

December 21, 2012 - Two Suns in the Sky2012 researcher and author Marshall Masters, offers an in-depth look at the predictions made in a crop circled formation he calls the "2012 Star Map of Doom."

Known as Avebury 2008, it tells us that on December 21, 2012, we'll begin to experience the onset of a protracted global catastrophe.

It will last for years and will include a pole shift, such as the one predicted by Edgar Cayce.

For the readers of Marshall's book, Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift, this video offers an in-depth back story not included in the book. GO


Are You Alone in Your Knowing?

Explaining all this to family and friends can be a very difficult process. That is the point of this video by Marshall Masters.

Keep in mind that when we do see Planet X, most people will not understand what they are seeing and will assume it is just another comet... until the body counts exceed six figures.

Also, check out the Planet X Town Hall. You'll meet like-minded individuals and be able to have compassionate and intelligent dialogs free of the abuse of disinformationalists and trolls. GO


Planet X Special Report

“Chance favors the prepared mind."—Louis Pasteur

Planet X Special ReportYowusa.com began investigating the field of space threats in 1999 and published its first Planet X article in January 2002

As citizen journalists and independent researchers, the Yowusa.com founders created this new video series to address the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) regarding Planet X (Nibiru). GO


Featured Videos by Marshall Masters

Marshall's productions ranges from news you can use analysis of important trends to relaxing, video study mediations. Click here to learn more.

Surviving 2012 and Planet X (5-Part Series)

Over 5 million Views — Now The Most Popular Planet X Video Series On The Internet Today    

Produced and hosted by Marshall Masters, a former CNN science feature field producer, it is an ideal Planet X / 2012 primer for those new to this vital topic.

The historical accounts and predictions contained in The Kolbrin Bible were integral to the development of this 5-part video series about Planet X and 2012.

As the publisher of The Kolbrin Bible and the co-author and publisher of Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide, Marshall believes that 2012 will be a survivable, evolutionary event. GO

Surviving 2012 and Planet X (5-Part Series)  


Yowusa.com February 2009 Report — Planet X / Nibiru 2012 Flyby Scenarios

2012 Flyby Scenarios for Planet X, From Best Case to a Possible Extinction Level Event (E. L. E.)    

Produced and narrated by Marshall Masters, the first part of this February 2009 video report focuses on the revised upwards estimates for a more violent solar maximum in 2012. Based on core criteria called “the electrical kill zone,” it presents several Planet X / Nibiru flyby scenarios.

These 2012 scenarios range from a best case scenario to a possible Extinction Level Event (E. L. E.) flyby, where up to 90% of all presently living species could perish. GO

Yowusa.com February 2009 Report — Planet X / Nibiru 2012 Flyby Scenarios  


History and Prophecy of The Kolbrin Bible

Newly Revealed Egyptian-Celtic Wisdom Text Offers the Knowledge of Those Who Survived Past Global Catastrophes — So We Can Live!    

Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic warnings for the future and their harbinger signs are now converging on 2012. These predications are contained in The Kolbrin Bible, a secular wisdom text studied in the days of Jesus and lovingly preserved by generations of Celtic mystics in Great Britain.

Nearly as big as the King James Bible, this 3600-year old text warns of an imminent, Armageddon-like conflict with radical Islam, but this is not the greatest threat.

The authors of The Kolbrin Bible predict an end to life as we know it, by a celestial event. It will be the return of a massive space object, in a long elliptical orbit around our sun.  Known to the Egyptians and Hebrews as the "Destroyer," the Celts later called it the “Frightener." GO

History and Prophecy of The Kolbrin Bible  


Virtual Serenity: The Journey Within

Native American Flute Instrumental Soundtrack by Coyote Oldman    

Virtual Serenity: The Journey Within features live scenic views of Lake Tahoe, California’s Big Sur beaches, majestic Redwoods and the Native American flute soundtrack by Coyote Oldman, America’s most popular New Age instrumentalist.  Lovingly crafted to help adults lighten their sense of self, it can also be used by parents as a natural way to help calm fidgety children.

For those interested in an optimal viewing and listening experience, we off the Yowusa.com Subscriber HD Theater. For unlimited access to our Subscriber HD theater, purchase any subscriber version of the Home Study System or the Master Research Library. Or, an annual Yowusa.com subscription. GO

Virtual Serenity: The Journey Within  


Crop Circle and UFO Videos by Maurice Osborn

Maurice OsbornMaurice Osborn is an independent crop circle and UFO researcher. His work was instrumental in bringing about the creation of The Sagan Continuation Project (SCP) by Marshall Masters of yowusa.com.

The mission of the all-volunteer SCP is to continue the outbound contact efforts of astronomer Carl E. Sagan by using the Internet to repetitively beam a reply message into space via our immense network of communication satellites. GO


More About Youtube.com/Yowbooks

Marshall first began webcasting with YouTube in November 2006 with the release of his 1998 relaxation video, Virtual Serenity: The Journey Within. A 5-star favorite with YouTube viewers, it has received over 430,000 views to date. He later began using YouTube to augment his book and Internet publishing

His most popular video series is Surviving 2012 and Planet X. Since its release in September 2007 through YouTube and several other video share site, this 5-part series has received over 5 million views, making it the most popular Planet X video program today.

His latest production is the Yowusa.com February 2009 Report - Planet X / Nibiru 2012 Flyby Scenarios. His first HD production, it has received over 200,000 views to date and continues to grow in popularity.

Marshall is presently working on several new HD video projects, including a 12-part video series adaptation of 2012 Wisdom of The Elohim audio series, and more of his ever-popular Yowusa.com Reports.


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