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Are Earthquakes the Key
to Unlimited Free Energy?

YOWUSA.COM, 25-June-03
Larry A. Park

Mt. St. Helens | Photo by Erven ParkFor as long as humankind can remember, earthquakes have come as sudden, unexpected horrors.  The incredible amounts of energy they release rip our homes, business and lives into pathetic doll rags.  Now, juxtapose that thought with the fact that humankind has studied Nature's other energy engines and found ways to use that knowledge for its own benefit.  For example, we drill for oil and geothermal energy; we dig for coal; we use the ancient technology of sails to capture wind; we use the motion of the ocean tides to power great generators. So what is preventing us from making similar use of the basic energy machines that power the phenomenon we know and fear as Earthquakes?  Our own lack of imagination and those who enforce our slavish dependence upon non-renewable energy sources combine to blind us from seeing these opportunities. It does not have to be this way.

In my last article, Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions, I showed how we now possess the key to predict earthquakes well in advance, with astounding levels of accuracy through the precision measuring of the subterranean energy that powers seismic and volcanic events.  The next step beyond that is to model the basic processes of these natural energy engines to harness a new form of unlimited, eco-friendly power.  The key to bridging this conceptual gap is to look beyond the brittle fracture theories, to which modern science blindly clings, despite its unbroken chain of disappointment with a myopic theory that ignores the greater reality.  

From earliest recorded time, we read of nature's most awesome power born in the depths of the earth - the earthquake. The true observed genesis of the earthquake reveals a marvelous story — and a gift — that gives mankind the key to unlocking clean, efficient, and most of all, abundant, natural energy.  This process is the newly discovered secret motor to the engine of earth dynamics.  To understand the physics of the massive earthquake, we turn to the most amazing fact of nature; a dimension that is far smaller than the electron — so small and with so much contained energy that its name is misleading in itself — "The Zero Point."  In doing so, we may find far more energy under our feet than in the oil for which we drill and die to possess.  In addition, it is free and forever abundant energy.

The engine that powers the earthquake is "The Zero Point" energy (ZPE).  Our Universe exists in a virtual sea of these particles (virtual), much tinier than the electron, yet possessing so much energy within them that it is difficult to imagine.  Faults act as overunity generators that extract massive amounts of energy from ZPE, which results in the awesome power of the earthquake.  By mimicking this process in small coil-based generators, one may extract a form of continuous, ‘earthquake-analogous' power that is clean, free and abundant.  This article will reveal the earthquake engine, show this engine in process (Olympia, WA M6.8 energy burst & Southern CA energy buildup process) and describe how we are already using this type of power.

To help the reader to understand the discussion material included, a dictionary below provides a somewhat simpler explanation of specific terms or words.

  • Overunity — Measured as more power output than power input, given traditional means of measure.  If compensating for the extraction of energy from ZPE, the power input matches power output.
  • ZPE — "Zero-Point Energy" — The energy that is contained within a very small dimension or as a virtual ‘particle' or partial percentage of energy extracted from the total energy equivalent.
  • Scalar wave — A ‘mass-less' wave which propagates differently than traditional electromagnetic waves (radio waves).  Scalar waves do not oscillate back and forth between magnetic and electrostatic, yet are real waves of energy.  Therefore, to sense them, one requires different technology. Traditional radio wave technology will not properly sense pure Scalar waves.
  • Scalar — difference in potential between two points, thus creating a ‘scalar' vector in a given ‘medium' (i.e. arrow is direction, arrow point is one end of difference, arrow feathered end is other end of difference, and length of arrow is amplitude or amount of value).  ‘Medium' in scalar reference here is regarding rigorous physics equivalent of complex 4-space (3 space is up, down, depth –or- 3D world as x, y, z — 4th space is an additional factor on top of 3D).
  • Resonance — A vibratory frequency, to which mass will naturally oscillate.  Striking a guitar string will excite the string into tonal resonance tuned to a specific primary frequency, or resonant frequency.  Resonance is also an electrical property and is equivalent to mechanical oscillation.
  • Fault — a discontinuity, fracture or boundary within the earth's crust.  A fault naturally forms a ‘scalar resonant' equivalent of a guitar string (i.e. faults are natural scalar resonators).
  • Cohere — To cause waves of same phase and frequency to align with one another.
  • LASER — "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  A device, which produces short duration, high intensity bursts of optical energy."  Earth's faults act in similar manner.
  • Transient — a very fast pulse.  Lightning is a fast pulse, possibly deemed an equivalent ‘earth transient'.  In this case, transients are pure scalar energy transients.

What is "The Zero Point"?

Modern day physics has established Zero Point Energy (ZPE), or Vacuum Fluctuation Energy, well.  Leading Physicist Dr. Hal E. Puthoff describes ZPE in article clips below.

Koinonia House Online, Zero-Point" Energy
Physics and the Bible:  Is Empty Space Empty?

If all the air molecules are pumped out of a chamber, the chamber still contains residual radiation (electromagnetic noise from stars, x-rays, and heat radiation).  Even before quantum mechanics, it was shown by classical radiation theory that if the temperature of the container is lowered to absolute zero, there remains a residual amount of thermal energy that can not by any means be removed.  This residual energy in an empty container at absolute zero was named "zero-point energy (ZPE)."

Contemporary physicist Dr. Hal E. Putoff notes that the "vacuum" is a vast reservoir of seething energy out of which particles are being formed and annihilated constantly.  The energy potentials in the vacuum are staggering, but most of the time the forces involved balance each other out to zero. Zero point energy, he says... "is the energy of empty space... Finally, when quantum theory was developed, it became absolutely clear that space, if you look at it in a microscopic scale, is more like the base of a waterfall with a lot of frothy, seething activity going on, rather than just something like a placid, empty space... This is, by the way, not a fringe concept.  It is a basic underlying concept in modern quantum theory." 

Institute for Advanced Studies,Dr. H. E. Puthoff
Quantum Vacuum Fluctuations: A New Rosetta Stone of Physics?

"This issue has been re-addressed in a recent paper by the author, this time taking into account what has been learned over the years about the effects of zero-point energy.  (5 ) There it is shown that the electron can be seen as continually radiating away its energy as predicted by classical theory, but simultaneously absorbing a compensating amount of energy from the ever -present sea of zero-point energy in which the atom is immersed, and an assumed equilibrium between these two processes leads to the correct values for the parameters known to define the ground-state orbit.  Thus, the ground-state orbit is set by a dynamic equilibrium in which collapse of the state is prevented by the presence of the zero-point energy.  The significance of this observation is that the very stability of matter itself appears to depend on the presence of the underlying sea of electromagnetic zero-point energy." 

The debate over ZPE is not about its existence, but it is about whether we can bring in even a tiny amount of this vast energy into our world.  Some physicists argue that the ‘seas' of ZPE cancel each other out, giving us balanced energy.  Otherwise, nature could spontaneously burst energy into our world like an unstable spinning top.  Yet, we see that nature is very stable and predictable — where classical physics, quantum theory (atomic), and The Standard Model (theory that describes the full behavior of atomic and subatomic particles) work so well.

The earthquake will end this debate.  Hundreds to thousands of times per day, the earth is revealing to mankind its ability to interact and extract this energy with an awesome power of efficiency.  To observe this process requires scalar wave detection sensors.  Science today is still trying to observe earthquake precursors with the wrong type of technology based on either pure magnetic energy, electrostatic energy or electromagnetics.  Slight detuned phasing (two scalar waves in a shifted pitch or ‘coupled' mode) do create weak signals that are detectable with these types of sensors, but are unreliable.

How Earthquakes Act As Energy Generators

A ‘resonance' process in faults causes vast amounts of coherent atomic mass oscillation within the fault where each atom acts as a collector of energy from The Zero Point field.  This process builds so much energy that the final, powerful ‘resonant burst' results in the shatter of massive rock with energy levels measured upwards relative to atomic bomb equivalents.  We can open our eyes to nature and can tap this energy by creating small generators that reproduce this seismic process and give us clean energy, without the use of oil, natural gas or radioactive materials.  Instead, we can develop just a natural, continuous stimulation of resonance in mass.  One may find a similar process — although underunity - familiar to everyone in the everyday LASER, such as Laser pointers.

A Ruby rod in the LASER, stimulated by fast flashes of light from a Xenon gas filled flash tube (as in camera flash), represents the fault.  This stimulation excites the atomic crystalline structure in the ruby rod.  A strong ‘coherent' –or same phase — wave develops where it bounces back and forth in the mirrored ends of the rod.  So too do faults, where energy ‘gyrates' back and forth within the fault as gyroscalar. Stimulation of fault resonance from scalar impulses is analogous to the xenon flash.  The result is a powerful burst of intense light — or in the case of the earth - an earthquake*.  (Note:* traditional brittle fracture genesis valid for landslides, rock burst, & man-generated explosions).

Being In It for the SpeciesBeing In It for the Species:
The Universe Speaks

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Earthquakes Are ‘Accidents' That Explain
Why Energy Isn't Generated Continuously

An earthquake is actually a randomly organized series of scalar transient stimulations that eventually occur in an organized burst forming the final, powerful burst - generating the earthquake. Since plate pressure is a critical ingredient to the scalar transients or flash, tectonic processes tend to organize the timing of scalar transients.

Powerful scalar energy –SO CAThis image is a recording of this ‘LASER' process from Southern California activity using scalar detection technology.  Upper screen is ‘gyroscalar' resonance of three peaks, the Salton Sea, CA region, the Hector Mine, CA region and Coso Volcanic complex region.  Lower screen shows a large impulse (from San Andreas) followed by series of scalar ‘flashes' or ‘transients' from regional faults.  Energy of scalar flash stimulates resonating faults to collapse into impulses or flashes thus creating a form of cascading interactivity. Process dies down after 5 to 10 minutes until another pressure-induced large impulse starts it again.  This process extracts large amounts of ZPE into the earth's crust.  When the right impulse series develops, the final, powerful burst of ZPE energy results (with earthquake following).  Below is the final, powerful 40 second burst prior to Magnitude 6.8 Olympia Washington earthquake.

Recorded 40 Second scalar ‘burst' prior to & causing M6.8 Olympia Washington earthquake © Terra Research.

   scalar ‘burst’

Earthquake Energy and the Genesis Process

The true secret in Earthquake genesis energy in resonating mass to cohere ZPE is in how mass is stimulated.  A very fast energetic impulse series is required at the base resonant frequency of the mass.  Impulses must be in groups, in which subsequent impulses are weaker and weaker.  The process repeats with large fast impulses followed by smaller impulses.  This is analogous to pushing someone on a swing.  Start with a large push then lesser and lesser. 

Nikola Tesla discovered this secret, which was critical to his powerful instruments.  He described delivering ‘a powerful blow' as a very important key in stimulating his coils.  If stimulated in this manner (groups of tapered amplitude transients) at the proper base resonant frequency, mass within the wiring will atomically cohere ZPE to levels at which overunity occurs* (note: see overunity definition).

SensorsYears of refinement of revolutionary scalar detection sensors have led to the revelation and observation of the earthquake genesis process. 

My volcanism article contains a diverse list of events that science will discover regarding earthquakes (see: Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions ).

Forbidden Secrets of the Earthquake RevealedNew research has uncovered a new world regarding earthquakes and the dynamic nature earth processes reveal. 

This research is detailed in my book Forbidden Secrets of the Earthquake Revealed.

[1] [2]


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How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, InvestigatorPeople follow different paths to the truth about Planet X, with an enduring hope that one day, our government will finally disclose what it knows.

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Detailed explanations of the first three Planet X events projected for the tribulation time line are presented: covert visitations, deep impact, and the perihelion alignment of the Planet X system as it will be seen from Earth. These projections by the Guides appear in the book, Being In It for the Species The Universe Speaks.


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