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Why Modern Science Denies
The Super-Consciousness

YOWUSA.COM, 31-August-00
Melody Mehta

What in the world of science happened to revolutionary thought?  Why does science project that its degreed elitists own a monopoly to wisdom?  Why is the establishment threatened by mere questioning of conventional knowledge? Nevermind those who dare to think differently, even among insiders, are 'banished and ostracized' is the reward for such courage.

So what is the response when common man reaches inwardly and arrives at new perceptions? Can ground ever be plowed to blend science and the intangible and propel mankind to greater understanding? At this moment, waves of fantastic possibilities swell and the possibility all will be sucked into a whirlpool of ignorance. Between the two, only one barrier clashes… attitude.

Whose Truth?

A crux on which all else rests is the ultimate source of truth.  How many times has a scientist latched onto a brilliant idea only to find another had the same revelation?  How many times from a dream has common man suddenly arrived at answers?  …or anyone had sudden insight…that moment of 'Eureka!'? From where do these ideas and insightful moments come ? …certainly not from the ivory towers of learning, anymore than from uneducated minds. 

Ah, but now we have stepped into a deep morass…what can this be that all can draw on, degreed elitist and common man alike....but a swirling mass of unmanifested creativity, equally and delightfully welcomed, but by the degreed elitist, denied and relegated to superstition. For here the dreaded word spiritual is implied. What else could the ultimate source be, but legendary super-consciousness, freely open to all with no barrier of time or master.

At this very moment human consciousness is gathering momentum. Mankind senses change in the air. Lucid dreams and visions of apocalyptic events are plaguing ordinary people who have no identification with the word, 'psychic.'  In unprecedented quantities, humanity is caught up in the search to know, prepare and understand.

Like a gift from God, the Internet has opened access to unimagined information speeding around the world 'in the twinkling of an eye'. Here humanity gathers, each on a personal search, and each on the same search. What is coming? How is it coming? When…and why? Yet, precisely at the moment the search begins, a dreadful reality is confronted…whose truth should be followed? For questions such as these, can be answered by only a notable few…scientists, philosophers, and prophets.

A consensus exists that Earth suffers millennium fever, and such possibility certainly abounds. Yet when previous millennium and turn-of-the-century fears are examined, only simple maladies are found, fed by a few sets of prophecies in which only one small group placed absolute faith. 

At no time in previous history, exist records of such bizarrely diverse and unrelated prophecies converging at a single point as occurs in the year 2000.  Rather than mere stories and hearsay, this is the only turn-of-the-century period with access to reliable data, including the remarkable ability to actually see into the space around our planet.

No longer must we wait for 'fiery dragons' to light up the midday sky. 'Dragons' can be tracked before they become a threat, even if science continues to share that information only with its chosen, insider few. Above all else, science itself confirms Earth is displaying significantly more eccentric weather as well as earthquake and volcanic activity than it has for thousands of years.

Science: A Matter of Faith

For certain, there is an element of faith amongst the many searching to name their sense of knowing and quandary. They are driven by a faith in their instincts…instincts like those of animals, running from an impending earthquake, long before scientific instruments record activity.

We must never forget that science has requested faith from us…faith that they know what they know…faith that they have proven what they have proven…faith that they have our best interests at heart…faith that it is a good and wise for our hard-earned money to be spent supporting &̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷…230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;em…faith that they are sharing the truth…the whole truth…faith to the extent that science asks of us that to be truly 'scientific' we shun all other faiths.

Yet, even religions do not ask that we completely eschew science in order to be people of faith (the Christian-creationist versus Darwinian theory debate, set aside).  Indeed, science is the most unforgiving of all religions.

In science, there can only be one truth…their truth. How fascinating that the establishment refuses to acknowledge the act of science and spirit in concert. Look at the neurologist who condescendingly explains that the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel effect, so symptomatic of the near death experience, is just a neurological chemical reaction.

This type of mindset cannot begin to conceive of a universal perfection....a perfectly planned reality such as the one in which we live, where our bodies are designed to conspire with our minds as a launch pad for spiritual experience.  Is such truth too large for traditional science? Or is the power of control by a few, the issue? Like those who declared 'demon' to the suggestion of the world being round, our scientific age is equally dark, where a little knowledge is so little that it is believed to be great.

Science is so far removed from enlightenment, that anyone who strays from the party line is branded heretic and symbolically executed as insane. Brilliant men and women may dare to study pyramids, but their lack of standardized Egyptology credentials and opinions has anointed them 'pyramidiots', as if a fanatical devotion to the 19th century version of truth is evidence of either IQ or true insight. So of course, criticism abounds if conjecture or debate employs a set of prophecies or any other non-provable tool of prediction. Even if done in concert with good science, this is a breaking of the faith.

Yet humans embrace prophecy. Prophets are amongst the few who give answers to driving questions. One-quarter of all Americans believe in ghosts, two-thirds believe in extra sensory perception. That's a lot of people who would have trouble sending Nostradamus to the electric chair if prophesying was suddenly deemed a capital offense. In prophecy we find patterns. Yes, the same fundamental drive that draws men to science, draws them to prophecy. 

Humans, are intrigued by patterns, especially the inexplicable. We are drawn, as an expression of our role in the vast universal pattern and symbolic of the great creative force at work.  We imbue prophecies with meaning, whether it is the pattern throughout the world of strange, unexplained lights in the sky, or the pattern of apples falling earthwards, or the pattern of successful predictions in the writings of ancient prophets.

Our instinctive interest in prophecy resides not so much in a need to know in advance of a terrible demise, rather in the belief that we have the power to effect change on enormous scales.

We innately sense the value of prophecy because we may have the capacity to change what lies in the offing…including an interplanetary prediction. If such is believed, even a tiny bit, then we owe it to ourselves to understand the prophecies that surround us, to look for the signs that they are coming, to examine whether we can change the outcome, or simply prepare for the worst. Survival is an instinct imprinted in our being and implicitly pursued even though prophecies cry out, 'the living will envy the dead.'

The Threat: Changing the Power Structure

Within this scenario lurks enormous danger for the powers that be. For when people believe in their own ability to harness creative powers or that their prayers can have an impact on the movement of a heavenly body, then those will have regained their power…and the few will have lost it. Control is the underlying theme… control of knowledge and t&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷…230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;th….control of the many by the few.

Almost all control over our individual lives has been handed to the powers that be…thus others rul&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&…230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;us…from governmental and non-governmental to economic and self-interested.  Having handed over power we realize that this was not wise. We realize that with power went knowledge access. Now we are treated like children, and told only what the powers want us to know. As a mass of consciousness, we seek to regain control, fully aware, its relinquishment may require efforts of apocalyptic proportions.

Thus, deep in our sub-conscious, we are attracted to our apocalyptic suspicions. For in balancing our terror of starvation, danger and death, is a kundalini-awakening, whispering that at the time of an apocalypse, the powers over us will be broken. We inherently understand that destruction and rebuilding occur as a natural order, thus inspiring hope of building a society that won't be destroyed.

The Collision of Truths

So whose truth do we believe? If we want to play it safe and follow the party line, then we would bookmark NASA's site and save ourselves the trouble of downloading anything else. But the two-dimensional party line is not what we search for anymore. We are searching for a three-dimensional truth. Like a tide rising in our minds and bodies, we are the generation experiencing a growth in consciousness. We are no longer sponges to be told what to believe and how to think. We think for ourselves.  We have learned to embrace thought from numerous perspectives. We no longer want a single truth. We want that point in space where all the truths collide.

Real debate is the search for that collision point. It is not about the scientific angle....or the philosophical angle…or the prophetic angle. This is about understanding where science fits into the whole. Here science meets philosophy meets prophecy meets humanity.

Being In It for the SpeciesBeing In It for the Species:
The Universe Speaks

The timing of this book is no accident, for humanity now stands upon the precipice of a long and grueling tribulation. However, it will not be a hopeless suffering, because in the midst of this chaos, there will come a rare opportunity for us to free ourselves from the shackles of species bondage once and for all. GO


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I remember my excitement the first time I visited The Millennium Group site. Here, at last was a place where I could read intelligent discussion borne of blending people of science with those of philosophy and history. Here I found new thinking, extrapolation, deduction and what-ifs that could be found nowhere else.

After that, all else appeared starkly two-dimensional, and oh-so-party-line. What use is a discussion of the meaning of the 'King of Terror' as written by Nostradamus without an understanding of exactly what and where that ‘king' might be? I need a little science in the mix for that. And likewise, what use is discovering patterns of Earth-effecting astronomical events if we are incapable of fitting it into the larger patterns of our past and possible future? And remember, those patterns and clues are as plain as the nose on your face.

On the day science announces the map of the human genome has been drafted, essentially proclaiming,  'yes, now science can be God,' is it coincidence that on the very same day, the Catholic church releases the third secret of Fatima, the subtext of which is "Sorry guys, but you ain't seen nothin' yet…"?

While NASA and its establishment cohorts are openly hostile towards any courageous stance to study science and prophecy in the same light, accusing scare-mongering as the purpose, we must remember that knowledge is power. What we don't know can hurt us. How dare we suppose that a moon of Mars could be torn from its orbit? How dare we say Nostradamus in the same sentence as NASA? So, everyone, look to the faces of those to whom you have given the power, and ask, is everything in order? When they answer, ask yourself, have they ever lied?

The Science of Personal Destruction

Early science was the repository of great inquiring minds. Knowledge shared is greater than the sum of its parts. Yet we live in a time when mainstream scientific community chooses to control and manipulate our knowledge, fearful that new discoveries will discredit their previous work and interrupt the oh-so-important flow of funding.

Does anyone really believe that all science in the last century was flawless in its theories? Has anyone noticed that the only theories exposited by the mainstream these days are those that supposedly support and expand the status quo? Those who dare to think differently are not ignored…they are hounded mercilessly. Great genius and astounding scientific leaps did not die with Tesla. Genius, like that of the brilliant Jim McCanney, must be hidden in studies and basements where the establishment cannot find &̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷&̷…230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;230;em…so much for open discussion.

Why is it that those in the field of science considered 'legitimate' cannot tolerate healthy discussion and debate? It is of fundamental importance to the human race that science once again opens to the possibility that there is more to learn than already learnt.

When we picture Albert Einstein, we see a man who was delighted to have his theories challenged. To test and to retest, and to prove and prove, again is the backbone of new discovery. We would not have electricity if conventional wisdom had never been challenged, nor would we have telephones, nor would we have most things that surround our everyday life.

What are we missing with the current mindset?....everlasting free, clean power? ....the ability to predict an earthquake a century in advance?....the power to make rain and defuse hurricanes?....inter-galactic travel?  What might we do if the known and the unknown were harmoniously united or if knowledge was shared and debated instead of protected and hoarded.

Yet the scientific community, confronted with logical thinking and insight by those they consider 'illegitimate', does not good-naturedly enter the fray and strive with honesty and curiosity to find a new and greater truth…it jeers, makes faces, and proclaims, 'how dare you presume to think.' This is the school-yard bully, huffing, belligerent and threatening on the outside, and on the inside, a frightened, thumb-sucking, bed-wetting child.

Alternative science is attracting a following on the Internet because of a ground-swell of interest. A ground-swell of intuition equally exists that should not be ignored by establishment science, and most certainly should not be belittled. The act of belittlement alerts that science is afraid that we might learn what they know.  It exacerbates that of which they are most terrified....our thirst for knowledge.

Ultimately, the solution may lie in defusing the fear that scientists have, that Spanish Inquisition of their own making, thus falling into disrepute.  The public must demand open access to that for which they pay…and we must reward our scientists even when they make discoveries contrary to all they have ever learned, written and taught. We must reward them for making knowledge accessible to us all, both educated and uneducated, and for being delighted by the challenge of the presumptuous. Most of all, we must reward our scientists when they understand that their greatest achievement is not knowledge…it is wisdom.

We live in a moment in time when many prophecies appear to dovetail into one grand scene. Science is the key that will allow pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. Yet we need to understand that at best, prophecy is only a set of clues to follow.

Alternative science sites such as The Millennium Group, courageously seek the synergism between the two, the new truths. All possibilities should be weighed, and if they never come to pass, we should be grateful.

Should we sit up and pay attention, and if it isn't this time, should we still pay attention next time, and if isn't that time, should we still pay attention the next? We have nothing to lose by keenly watching the landscape and evaluating the possibilities, and maybe everything to lose if we don't. We must…must keep paying attention.  It isn't the end of the world if alternative science is wrong, but what if it is right?

How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, Investigator

How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, InvestigatorPeople follow different paths to the truth about Planet X, with an enduring hope that one day, our government will finally disclose what it knows.

Like UFOlogy, the hope is that if you create a pile of pictures high enough, perhaps at some point the truth will reach critical mass and voila-disclosure. Unfortunaetly, just like Marxism, it's one of those inspiring fantasy goals that can never be achieved.

This is why Planet X investigator, Bob Fletcher, producer of the IN-COMMING DVDs, has come at this from an entirely different directions. Bob followed the money and found that more was spent on preparation for Planet X than anyone could imagine. GO

Yowusa.com Planet X
System Update No. 1

This program presents an overview of the Planet X system, how it moves through our solar system and why we always seem to observe it near the Sun and not behind us, plus recent observations of three planets in the Planet X system captured by ocean buoys located in the Gulf of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.



Detailed explanations of the first three Planet X events projected for the tribulation time line are presented: covert visitations, deep impact, and the perihelion alignment of the Planet X system as it will be seen from Earth. These projections by the Guides appear in the book, Being In It for the Species The Universe Speaks.


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