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Observing Planet X / Nibiru

Yowusa.com, 24-Mar-2009
Jacco van der Worp, MSc
Marshall Masters

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Observing Planet X / NibiruSince we published Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide in July 2007, we've received numerous Planet X sighting reports. What was once a sporadic trickle has become a daily stream.

We know that folks are trying to be helpful, and while many of these reports are remarkable, they invariably show something other than the Sun's dark companion.

To date, we have not received any actionable sighting reports. What we have received and increasingly receive are what we call bogy and red herring observation reports.

  • BOGY: By definition, a bogy is anything that haunts, frightens, annoys or harasses us. The most common type of bogy reports we see are sun dog photos taken with hand held cell phones and personal camcorders. The second most common bogy sightings are fleeting SOHO imagery aberrations.

  • RED HERRING: A red herring by one definition is a smoked herring. The definition we use in this case describes something that is intended to divert attention. The goal is to squash public interest with misleading clues which invariably lead down dark, fruitless rabbit holes. Detecting them requires a smell test of a different sort, and most are seeded and propagated through video share sites such as YouTube.


The Bottom Line

Here is the 1-2-3 bottom line on observing Planet X at this time:

  1. You will not see it in broad daylight right now; it is too faint for that.

  2. You will not be able to see it on the Northern hemisphere for that reason.

  3. It is not anywhere near the Sun right now in our field of view from Earth.

Meanwhile, the precious time you do have to prepare for Planet X is slipping through your fingers. Make good use of it

In some cases, folks are honestly mistaken. These are the bogy reports. The red herring reports are the result of what we believe to be a highly organized and well-funded disinformation effort a Planet X variant of the Project Blue Book scam. A public government investigation that many now believe was secretly chartered to suppress UFO awareness through intimidation, humiliation and misdirection.

That being said, the one thing bogy and red herring reports share in common is the same result. People lose sight of the REAL issue. That being preparation, as opposed to offering cash rewards for observation co-ordinates and other such distractions.

Finding a balance is much more important. To invest energy, time and resources into preparing for the consequences of this flyby while simultaneously keeping a vigilant eye on the heavens.

Bogies and Red Herrings vs. Real Observations

The sooner Planet X is reliably observed and reported, the sooner the world can prepare. This is why being the first in your neighborhood to observe it is useless, ego-driven goal that will fade in relevance like a teardrop in the rain. Rather, you need to be the first person in your neighborhood to know what to do about it. Why is this?

When an object such as this becomes observable with the naked eye from anywhere on the globe, the time will have passed for last minute preparations. Rather, preparing for this event requires time, thought and personal investigation. Time that you have now, but only for a while. Like the sands of the hourglass, this precious time to prepare is slipping through your fingers at this very moment.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to help you understand what is really relevant, and we will do so by offering an analysis of the kinds of observations presently sent in to us.

We'll explain why we rejected these observation reports so that you'll know how to make reliable observations on your own. We'll then offer a preliminary forecast of how the actual initial observations of this object will come about, and by whom. Of course, this brings us to the false observations we most often receive. Sun dog bogies.

Typical Sun Dog Bogy

The term Sun dog (or sundog) is used to identify a bright, mostly circular object near the sun, or perhaps a bright spot inside a solar halo. Cell phone cameras and consumer grade camcorders are highly susceptible to this visual phenomenon.

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To illustrate that point, we'll use an actual bogy report submitted to us on April 13, 2009. It is a classic sun dog bogy observation report and very useful for this illustration. This is because the contributor submitted a sighting report of an object very near, and to the left of the Sun with a clear photo sequence.

Siun Dog Bogy 3

Siun Dog Bogy 1

Siun Dog Bogy2

Siun Dog Bogy 5

Siun Dog Bogy 4

Siun Dog Bogy 7

Siun Dog Bogy 6

While this is not a Planet X sighting, as the observer honestly believes, we nonetheless found it to be remarkable. This is because unlike most Sun dog bogy observations where the object is actually a lens artifact, this sequence could very well have captured another object. Or perhaps even a satellite reflecting the Sun's light to the camera for a few moments. Continue to next page...


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