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The Kolbrin Bible: Introduction

YOWUSA.COM, 17-March-04
Steve Russell

The Kolbrin Bible (kolbrin.com)Have you ever heard of a book called The Kolbrin?  Jim McCanney mentions it on his web site, and it has been rumored that Nikola Tesla acquired his knowledge of electricity from this book.  A quick search on Google will only reveal some minor apocalyptic quotes that hint at a possible link with Zecharia Sitchin's Nibiru information.  In the past, only a very select few, some might say an elite group, have had access to this book.  Now, the current caretakers of this ancient knowledge believe "these are the days of decision, when humankind stands at the crossroad," and are making the book available subject to explicit conditions.  YOWUSA has had the great fortune of finding a copy of The Kolbrin, and we hope you will join us in what will be a groundbreaking series of articles. 

Origins of The Kolbrin

For those that have never heard of The Kolbrin you will obviously be wondering what it is all about.  Even those who are aware of the book and have read the brief details of its history on the Internet should be asking the same question, simply because its history is far greater than what has been published on the Internet so far.

The origins of The Kolbrin can be traced back to a large collection of manuscripts salvaged from Glastonbury Abbey during an arson attack that was intended to destroy them.  As fate would have it, the once considered heretical works were preserved in secret, since they were thought to be destroyed during the fire.

Since then, much of the original text was lost due to time, the elements and human error.  Each caretaker though, has gone to painstaking efforts to preserve what was left and to fill in the gaps with the correct knowledge in order to preserve the original meaning.

During the early fourteenth century, John Culdy, the leader of a small community in Scotland, owned The Kolbrin and took steps to ensure its survival beyond his care.

The Kolbrin eventually became known as The Bronzebook of Britain, and the contents of additional salvaged manuscripts known as The Coelbook were later incorporated into it to form the modern version.

In the early parts of the twentieth century, the responsibility of The Kolbrin's preservation rested with a small religious group in England that never gained much power due their very restrictive membership requirements.

In the years leading up to the First World War, only two copies of The Kolbrin existed in book form, written in biblical English.  Only part of the original survived to the Second World War, when the books were thought to be worthless junk and thrown out by their owners, only to be saved by fate then discarded again as works of the devil, and salvaged by destiny before any irreparable damage was done.

Until 1995, The Kolbrin was in the care of The Hope Trust, of which little is known.  The current custodian is The Culdian Trust, which was formed in 1980.  The Culdian Trust inherited The Kolbrin and other books when the Hope Trust was deregistered around 1995 in accordance with its constitution.  Around 1992, an elderly man from the Hope Trust who is now deceased put together the current draft from the originals.  The Culdian Trust members did not get to see the original manuscripts on which the most recent version ofThe Kolbrin was derived, nor do they understand how they came into the elderly man's possession or where he sent the originals upon completion.  They believe based on speculation that he may have been a member of a hermetic order probably based in England, so the original manuscripts may have gone back there.  Despite the continued ambiguity of The Kolbrin's origins, a Culdian Trust representative that knew the man for approximately twenty years held him in high regard and found him to be a man of extremely high integrity. 

Even with a history as chaotic as this, The Kolbrin remains a very large and priceless collection of information, which begs the question: Is it too good to be true?

Is The Kolbrin a Modern Fake?

In order to get a professional second opinion, we asked several people that have provided respectable critiques on other alternative religious texts for their comments on The Kolbrin.  To our surprise, we could not find anyone that has even heard of the book, let alone is as familiar as we are of its origins and contents.

With other modern gospels that have been openly criticised and essentially proven as modern fakes, such as The Essene Gospel of Peace by Edmund Szekeley and The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovitch, it is relatively easy to determine their historical inaccuracies.  It is also obvious who the author is and where all the money from sales has been going. 

The Kolbrin however, has no specific author due to the very nature of its origins.  It is not available through places like Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble as the Culdian Trust do not spend money on massive marketing campaigns to profit from it.  We believe this fact weighs heavily towards its authenticity but more importantly, its teachings expand, clarify and coincide with other religious texts and modern scientific evidence which has lead YOWUSA to believe it is most definitely a genuine compilation of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

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Contents of The Kolbrin

Given the age of The Kolbrin and the fact that it has been reborn from the fiery ashes several times throughout its history; it remains an excellent collection of stories.  The individual chapters are rarely related as there is no real story or message that ties one particular scroll or tablet with another, but each contains its own pearls of wisdom that can be realised when used in conjunction with other available information.

As with any good religious text, The Kolbrin contains information on topics such as:

  • Hymns
  • Laws
  • Prayers
  • Creation of man
  • Deluge
  •  God
  • Jesus
  •  Moral teachings
  •  Enlightened teachings
  •  End times

While the book merely claims to be a transmitter of ageless wisdom, the sum of its parts does equate to a very distinct spiritual philosophy that can be used to enhance ones life if understood and acted upon correctly.

Where to from Here?

Over the coming months we will be publishing articles that will focus on specific topics and issues that The Kolbrin raises.  At this stage, we do not know how many articles will be produced, as it will depend on the length of the journey that our research takes us on.  What we do publish is not intended to be religion specific, or cause conflicts between belief systems, rather we are focused on the historic information that The Kolbrin can contribute towards understanding our foundations in ancient times and what this means for our future as a species.


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