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Are Governments Suppressing the 23-July-08 Planet X / Nibiru Crop Circle in Avebury?

YOWUSA.COM, 26-July-08
Marshall Masters

NOTE: This image was restored by CCC on August 5, 2008 without any explanation for this disappearance. It was re-posted with additional images and a rather elaborate interpretation.

Planet X / Nibiru Crop CircleThe Crop Circle Connector web site has long been a leading UK crop circle resource, but a recent, mysterious retraction of what could be a groundbreaking formation depicting the orbit of Planet X / Nibiru now begs the question: Is this the result of government suppression? Are we being prevented from learning about the Planet X / Nibiru Crop Circle that appeared in two parts in Avebury Manor, near Avebury, Wiltshire, UK on 15-July-2008 and 23-July-2008?

Therefore, before leaping to conclusions, let's first examine the parties involved and the chronology of event. Then, we shall present our initial findings on part 1 of this 2-part formation, which indicate a date stamp for the Winter Solstice of 2012 with a planetary alignment that clearly demonstrates that we are in the process of losing the Planet Pluto.

The UK Crop Circle Sites Involved

One possible way to explain this is that the the Crop Circle Connector web site removed the image because they determined it to be a hoax. If so,they would have reported that. However, they did not. Further, they attributed the image in question to Temporary Temples, which is likewise, another prestigious UK Crop Circle research site.

Therefore, in order to further maintain that this image was hoax, one must force the argument that hoax lightning has struck twice, and with two of the most respected crop circle web sites in the UK.

Furthermore, should these sites were now come back in response to this article and offer an ex-post-facto explanation, how credible would such a convenient, afterthought explanation be?

The Chronology

On July 17, 2008 we received an inquiry from Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot about the new Avebury formation first reported on 15-July-2008 on the Crop Circle connector site.

Have you seen this?  All the planets line up for that date except Pluto which is moved off it's orbit... possibly due to an impact event or other planetary body??-Kerry

My response back the same day was:

Hi Bill and Kerry:

Yes, Pluto's orbit appears to have been heavily perturbed in this formation.  My hunch is that this is the first of a series of formations like we saw back in 2003.  The next one could be a real blockbuster.

We're on it.

Thanks, Marshall

I forwarded a copy of Kerry's message to Jacco van der Worp, MSc to ask him to review the orbit of Pluto as it appears in this initial formation. Meanwhile, I kept a close eye on the page to see if there would be any updates. That effort his pay dirt — big time!!!

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The Hunch Paid Off

On 23-July-2008, the Crop Circle Connector web page for this featured a stunning updated image of the formation, show the appearance of the second part of this 2-part formation. (View a capture of the complete 23-July-2008 page.)

Crop Circle Conector, 24-July-08

The first part of this formation which appeared on or about 15-July-2008 offers a Winter Solstice time stamp with a planetary alignment that very closely corresponds to the date, December 21, 2012.

The second part of this formation which appeared on or about 23-July-2008 arguably portrays the orbit of Planet X. Of interest is the sperm glyph just off the 10 o'clock position in image and the orbital pinwheel glyph at the 2 o'clock position.

The 23-July Update Mysteriously Disappears

On July 24, 2008, the Crop Circle Connector web site removed all evidence of the July 23, 2008 update from their web page and restore the original July 15, page. (View a capture of the complete 24-July-2008 page.)

At present, we still analyzing part 2 of 2 of this formation and will post our findings in a subsequence update. However, we can present our findings as the first part 1 of 2.

Image Analysis of Part 1 of 2

Although there was a very interested discourse on the Crop Circle Connector site about the exact alignment date, December 21, 2012 vs. December 23, 2012 and speculations about Planet X, our first interest was in the glyphs in the formation. Specially, those representing the planets of which there were just three variants:


Terrestrial Planets Glyph
(Small Donuts)

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
Terrestrial Planets Glyph

Gas Giants Glyph
(Large-sized Circle)

  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
Gas Giants Glyph

Dwarf Planet
(Medium-sized Circle)

  • Pluto
Dwarf Planet

What immediately stands out is that the glyphs are not sized to scale for each planet, but sized relative to the type of planet. This is where the Pluto glyph really calls attention to itself.

While all the other planets share a common terrestrial or gas giant glyph, the glyph for Pluto is different in two very different ways.

It is not donut shaped which is curious, but what is truly notable is that the glyph for Pluto is larger than than the terrestrial When you consider that Pluto is approximately 60% the size of our own moon, the intent of whoever created this formation is clear. Namely, what is Pluto doing?

Yowusa.com co-founder Jacco van der Worp, MSc analyzed the orbit of Pluto in this formation and determined that the planet was 30 days ahead in it's orbit from where it should be at that time.

A quick check in astronomy software leads to a striking result. The planets are where they should be on December 23, 2012, with the exception of Pluto, which is about 30 degrees ahead of its expected position in orbit.

This raises an immediate red flag because this formation is showing that Pluto has or will about 20 years' ahead in its orbit? Ergo, this formation is giving us warning by portraying Pluto as the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

There must be an external force that causes the sudden change in Pluto's position. The likely explanation is that this is the Kozai mechanism in action. The destabilization of an orbit by a body that moves in a totally different plane than the rest of the system.

Any astronomer can tell you that changing speed always changes orbit. In other words, speeding up widens an orbit, while slowing it down will narrow it. If that is what is happening to Pluto, then we may be about to see it move around for the last time assuming this formation depicts the effects of the Kozai mechanism.

If the creators of this crop circle formation intended to call our attention the destabilizing effect the Kozai mechanism can exert upon the known planets in our system, they've clearly achieved it. The question is, where do we go from here?

We Deserve the Truth!

So what do we do if the folks at the Crop Circle Connector web site offer a simplistic explanation of this mysterious redaction of a image that of such great importance? Make them prove that they are not being coerced by means of a very transparent and public analysis of this cover-up and time is of the essence.

To put this perspective, Hiro Yoshidam, a yowusa.com supporter in Japan sent me link to this article. It will put things in perspective real quickly.

WorldNetDaily, July 25, 2008
Are feds stockpiling survival food?
'These circumstances certainly raise red flags'

A Wall Street Journal columnist has advised people to "start stockpiling food" and an ABC News Report says "there are worrying signs appearing in the United States where some … locals are beginning to hoard supplies." Now there's concern that the U.S. government may be competing with consumers for stocks of storable food.

If in fact this mysterious redaction of an image that is of vital importance to every human on the planet is a government cover up, then it truly is a crime against humanity.

This is our planet too, and we deserve the truth! Each and everyone of us.


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