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Are There Good Aliens?

YOWUSA.COM, 15-July-03
Marshall Masters

Exploiters, Parents 
or Mentors?When it comes to extraterrestrials, there seems to be two extremes on the Internet.  Some find the whole concept to be laughable, and others perceive us on the brink of joining a galactic federation of races.  In between these two polarized views, every imaginable position in both the affirmative and the skeptically negative exists. Interestingly enough, it comes down to a matter of faith for those who have not witnessed a UFO or experienced an abduction event, in that we must choose to believe or not believe in the mountains of evidence before us.

Plan 9 From Outer SpaceIn the end our choices are more driven by our own hopes or fears than facts, and in the midst of this intellectual dilemma, we find ourselves unable to deal with what many see as a paralyzing question — are there good aliens?

The debate as to whether or not we're alone in the galaxy has become a hackneyed and dull debate for the mentally polarized, so let's not beat a dead horse.  Rather, it is this author's opinion that we are not alone and that we must now focus our intellectual energies upon deciding the criteria we'll need to use when sorting out those races with whom we wish to affiliate from those we'll need to avoid.

Therefore, for the purpose of this article, the following three assumptions will serve as the basis for answering this timely question.

  1. We have never been alone, nor will we ever be alone.  No matter how you define the parameters, the Drake Equation (N = R* x fs x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L) makes it tough to imagine that we're as good as it gets.  
  2. Is this our missing link?We are aliens too, in that our ‘missing link' came from the stars.  Yes, we are a bio-engineered race, for whatever purpose it happened.  All species evolve in response to their environment.  However, humankind is uniquely different; we also evolve in response to sociological and technological changes.  So where did we get this ability? 
  3. We will continue to watch our civilizations boldly rise, slowly self-destruct and then fail catastrophically. That is, until our race finally places its highest priority upon seeking harmony within and without itself. 

Please understand, I'm not asking you, the reader, to embrace these assumptions wholeheartedly. Rather, I'm only asking you keep them in mind as a point of reference for this article.  

Why Would Aliens Be Interested in Humans?

Humpback WhalesRemember the second assumption?  We're aliens too, so let's put this into context.

Imagine that you are a humpback whale and that three ships are following you as migrate along your time-honored path alongside the California coastline.

  • THE FIRST SHIP: Happy people holding an impressive array of still and video cameras in their arms line its decks in the hope of snapping a great picture of your fluke as you dive. You know they mean you no harm and that they only seek to admire you.  If they can pat you on the head and touch you for a moment, they'll wiggle with delight and then talk about the experience for years to come. 
  • THE SECOND SHIP: This dark, rusty and inelegant vessel is from a foreign land where exploitation is an everyday fact of life.  Those haggard few who stand upon its cluttered decks see you solely as a handsome source of perfume base, transmission oil and other equally desirable revenue-producing products.  Keen to the embarrassment of media attention, they patiently wait for the first ship of whale watchers to sail away as they do not want tourists snapping photos of them driving a viciously barbed harpoon through your body. 
  • THE THIRD SHIP: You see a steely determination in the eyes of those aboard this ship as its captain does everything possible to place his vessel between you and the armed harpoon gun of the second ship. 

Ask yourself how humankind can be so arrogant as to see itself differently than we see the very whales we watch, protect and exploit.  If you can see a similarity between the whales and us, agreeing that we are aliens too, then perhaps we need to be a bit more aware of the extraterrestrial ships that hover about our planet as we hover about the whales.

Perhaps the link between mankind and whales also serves as an interesting tool of comparison, in the hope of understanding the relationship between humankind and other races.

Rendering WhalesYes, some humans continue to exploit them by denying them their lives for the value of their bodies, because they see the whales as a commercial species and hunt them with the permission of human laws.  Ergo, it is their manifest destiny to do with the whales as they see fit, as they see it.

We, as Aliens, Are Whales Too

HunterMan has hunted whales since the Stone Age, and during the 1700's and 1800's, American whalers devastated whale species so that petroleum could become alternative fuel for lighting.  Following the end of the American whaling industry, foreign nations have continued to exploit the species to this day, despite the fact that some species of whales, like the northern right whale, are now teetering on the brink of extinction.

While this is a cruel indictment of a species that has hunted other species for purely material gains, let us not throw the baby out with the bathwater, because some humans do care, and they are doing something about it.

There is a concerted effort on the part of enlightened individuals, organizations and governments to ensure that we will always be able to enjoy whale songs and to witness the annual pilgrimages of these magnificent, highly vulnerable and intelligent beings of the sea.

In the same vein, one could also argue that multiple extraterrestrial races view us in the same manner as we view whales.  Some study us from afar, wondering if we will dodge the extinction bullet that claims 99% of all other species.  If we do, they wait until we reach out to them, and when we ask the right questions, they will mentor us through our next stage of evolution.  

Others race will not see us an evolving species.  Rather, they will see us for all of our naked faults and foibles and use that as a pretext to exploit us in the same manner that we manage animals.  You know how it works; keep the best and let Mother Nature cull out the rest.

Then there are those races who feel a parental need to protect and nurture our promising, yet infantile race until we can stand on our own two feet as an ‘adult' race if you will.

Then question then becomes, how do we recognize the difference between exploiter, parental and mentor races.  

Exploiter Races -- Take Me to Your Leader

Take me to 
your leader. The quintessential, hackneyed phrase invented by Hollywood, "take me to your leader," is the food of comics, cynics and B film producers.  While we chuckle, perhaps there is an aspect of this hackneyed phrase that is worthy of close inspection because the flip side of "take me to your leader" is "take me to whomever controls you."

When humans exploit one another, we prefer to be impersonal about it.  We typically use henchmen and other vassals to victimize others for our own benefit.  For example, the railroad barons never had to kick families off their farm personally. The government did it for them and saved them a great deal of money in the process.

When exploiters must conduct their own exploitation face-to-face, they use baubles and beads to bargain for things at exploitive prices.  In addition, of course, some exploiters actually enjoy doing the dirty deeds by their own hand with little or no elegance.

Therefore, the sign of those who are here to exploit us for whatever self-deluding, self-serving or benign-appearing purpose they purport we need to keep the following in mind:

  • They will prefer to control us through vassals, and none are better than our own governments.
  • They will offer us baubles and beads. While we may be impressed with gifts of technology far beyond our present means, there is the aspect that we will look back upon these gifts as the New York Indians who sold Manhattan to the Dutch 1636 for trade goods worth (at the time) of about 24 gold dollars.
  • In some cases, they will do with us as they see fit using the same species management reasoning humankind already employs.  Consider that our nature conservationists routinely capture wild animals to catalog, tag and medically evaluate them to ensure the survival of the species.  While this is noble in one sense, to the animals, it must certainly be seen as a frightening violation of their lives. 

    Also, let's keep in mind that we do not always capture, tag and test animals purely to ensure the survival of the species.  We also capture, tag and test them to ensure that there will be no disruptions in our supply of nutrition and by-products.

Mars AttackThe key thing we need to keep in mind about exploiters is how they see us.  If we are viewing as being inferior but in some way valuable, then they will seek those of our own kind to manage us for whatever purpose. 

Ergo, if an alien lands and says "take me to your leader" act quickly to make sure that his/her/its/whatever's brains are completely eaten on sight. (Note: you can use Cajun spices to mask the road kill flavor.)

Parental Races: For When You Grow Up

A common way to state Newton's third law of physics it is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Just as there are exploitative races, there then must be parental races to keep them in check.

 Like exploiter races, parental races will also view the human species as being infantile to their own, while also being prone to violence and promising at the same time.

Gill NetLook at it this way; some of us see sharks as terrible killing machines that attack bathers and surfers; some of us see sharks as soup; others of us see them as a necessary part of the web of life.

Parental races will view us as a necessary part of the web of life, and worthy of protection from the abusive acts of the exploiter races.

The problem with parental races is the same as with human parents.  When and if their children ever do grow up, it can be extremely hard for them to see them as adults.  Consequently, they'll always be meddling even though they'll feel that it is best for our good.

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Should we reject parental races?  No, because without their help, we will be totally vulnerable to the exploiter races.  Also, even if we do reject their help, they'll most likely do it anyway, because as a parental race, they'll discount our demands as those of a naïve and immature species.

Therefore, what we always need to remember about the parental races is that there will come a day when we'll have to stand on our own two feet, and when that day comes, the parental races may prove to be a most formidable impediment.

So then, with whom do we really want to break bread?

Mentor Races: Those Who Listen

The biggest difference between exploiter, parental and mentor races is that while exploiter and parental races will take an active hand in our evolution, mentor races will be more passive.  They'll wait, and they'll listen.

ShamanFor decades, Americans have trekked to the Himalayas to seek the sage advice of mountaintop gurus.  When they finally arrive, they often find themselves talking more than the gurus, who prefer to sit passively and listen until they finally ask a very short, pithy and insightful question that leaves the American thinking, "wow, why didn't I think of that in the first place?"

Imagine meeting a mentor race to learn that they actually were exploiters (like ourselves) at one time, then evolved into a parental race, and now were mentors by preference. A race so old that it had been there, done it all, seen it all, and has a drawer full of tee shirts to prove it. 

Perhaps then, we would see that everything does have its place and its own time in the scheme of things.  That in time to come, we will exploit other races, and then ridden with guild, will act to defend others, and then if we're lucky, exist long enough to realize it was all a passing stage.  However, how to know a mentor race when we see one?  More to the point, if there could be such a thing as an ‘acid test' for a mentor race, what could it possibly be? 

The Acid Test of Our Own Evolution and of Alien Intent

E.T.In the final analysis, could there be one simple way to test both our evolution and the intent of races with whom we will come into contact?  Yes there is.

The sole measure of any race is the respect it shows for the basic dignity of life.

Regardless of whether another species sees us as having advanced further than it has or not, that is not the test.  Rather, it is the respect they show for the sovereign rights of our own species to shape its own perception of the universe and its place in it.

When one considers how little courtesy we now extend to one another, it sure does explain why other races are so hesitant to be bold with us in making contact.

Nevertheless, let's assume that one day three space ships land on your front yard and three beings, one from each ship approaches you saying:

  • The first: "take me to your leader." 
  • The second: "I know what's best for you."
  • The third: "Howdy, neighbor.  Could you possibly spare a cup of sugar?"

Which one would you choose to be your good alien? 

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