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Are Extraterrestrials at Odds
With Crop Circle Messages?

YOWUSA.COM, 03-May-03
Updated on 03-July-03
Marshall Masters


A Pattern Begins to Emerge

During Osborn's presentation, he showed the August 13, 2000 formation next to the Chilbolton Radio Telescope as the culminating slide of series in his explanation of his H20 Magnetron, without telling the viewer where and when this formation appeared.  This seemed logical to me, given that he was myopically focused on proving his assertion that the formation is a complete H20 Magnetron schematic.

However, his honest mistake piqued my attention and so I began searching for the formation shown in his video to vet his information and eventually found the formation and a rather interesting 3-part connection.

H20 MagnetronPart A -- August 13, 2000: Osborn's "H20 Magnetron" Formation is reported appearing next to theChilbolton Radio Telescope. 

According to Osborn, mankind is gifted with a new power generation technology to free it from the use of fossil fuels.  The Crop Circle Connector on the other hand publishes only one theory "that it represents four different axis's between the material world and the spiritual."  You choose.

Part B --August 18, 2001: The Answer To 'Arecibo' Crop Circle is first reported appearing NEXT TO theChilbolton Radio Telescope. 

The formation is called the Answer To 'Arecibo' Crop Circle because it presents two glyphs. 

'Arecibo' Crop CircleThe first of an alien face and the second is a reply to the original message created by Frank Drake and with great cooperation from Carl Sagan and beamed into space by the Arecibo radio telescope dish in the direction of the M13 globular star cluster in the constellation of Hercules in 1974.

Despite two significant crop circle formations appearing next to the same radio telescope, SETI is of the opinion that it is all a hoax because E.T. did not call them collect.  (Go figure.)

Part C -- August 15, 2002: The Crabwood "Alien Holding a Disk" formation near Winchester, Hampshire is first reported NEXT TO a microwave and cellular relay site.

“Alien Holding a Disk” formationDo you remember back at the beginning of this article where we emphatically state that we have a smoking gun to prove that the EarthFiles.com web site published an anonymous decoding of the message, which in fact represents a very clever bit of disinformation.  But first, a quick review. 

Up to now, we see the common connections.  All three formations are highly sophisticated, located NEXT TO a high-powered communication facilities and occur in the month of August.  So where am I going with this? 

Back to Osborn's video to find the connection between Part A and Part B. 

Drake and Sagan Are the Key

When Drake and Sagan beamed their high-powered message to M13, they no doubt expected the reply to take much longer than it did.

While SETI moaned and groaned that E.T. looked like a Hollywood alien, the really important part of that 2-glyph formation that appeared on August 18, 2001 next to theChilbolton Radio Telescope, was the answer to Drake and Sagan's collect call to M13.

Answer to Drake and Sagan’s collect call to M13

Now here comes the kicker.  If SETI hadn't been acting like a spoiler because it was not given control of the message, it would have noticed something very striking. Something that Osborn just happens to point out in his video.  The video is a bit grainy so I've created a new composite to illustrate his points.

Arecibo message comparisonThe composite illustration shown to the right  we first see the Arecibo message beamed into space in 1974 by Drake and Sagan represented in data pixel form on the far right.  To the left of that is the 2001 Chilbolton reply message.  Below that, is the "H20 Magnetron" Formation that appeared in Chilbolton in 2000. 

Obviously, the formation in the lower part of the 2002 Crabwood formation is perfect match with the formation that appeared next to the same radio telescope one year earlier.  (Now do you can understand why I trashed my SETI screen saver after processing well over 400 Arecibo radio packets.)

Now that we've connected the dots between Part A and Part B, next, comes the connection between Part B and Part C.  And keep it in your mind that the message Drake and Sagan beamed into space in 1974 remains the key. 

E.T. Did the Math

Interestingly enough, Osborn initially thought the August 2002 "Answer To 'Arecibo' Crop Circle" Crabwood formation was a hoax until he became interested in the message contained with the disk.

Using the binary numerical representation method embedded in the 1974 Arecibo message created by Drake and Sagan, Osborn performed a careful analysis of the 2002 Chilbolton glyph and translated it using ASCII code as follows:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.  Much PAIN but still time.  BELIEVE.  There is GOOD out there.  We oppose DECEPTION.  COnduit CLOSING,"

The part of this message that quickly caught my interest was the last sentence, "COnduit CLOSING," which also piqued Osborn's curiosity in the video, even though he was not able to draw a real conclusion.

However, there is a clear meaning here, especially to someone like myself who lives near an ocean. Before I map that out, let's set aside the content of the three formations, and see the pattern that emerges in the table below:


Adjecent To

Glyph Complexity

August 13, 2000

Chilbolton Radio Telescope

A massive and sophisticated 2-dimensional formation.

Crop Circle Connector:

"The whole formation covered a very wide stretch of crop, probably one of the largest in square feet this year!"

August 18, 2001

Chilbolton Radio Telescope

Two very large and complex pictograms appear in same location as August 13, 2000 formation according to Crop Circle Connector researcher Andreas Mueller.

August 15, 2002

Very large microwave and cellular relay site.

The first time an alien face is clearly shown in a formation with a highly sophisticated stereoscopic design, giving the illusion of depth and shading.

What all three formation have in common is that they are large, highly complex, located next to powerful radio communication stations, and occur within a few days of each other in the same month of the year..


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Now this brings us to the point of living next to an ocean. If you do, you'll be very familiar with lighthouses. Each lighthouse has its own code, and these maritime beacons flash a unique signal code that identifies them to passing ships. This way, the ships know which lighthouse they're looking at and their position relative to it.

The radio facilities in Chilbolton and Crabwood likewise broadcast strong radio signals with clear station identifiers, and like lighthouses, they can be seen and recognized from great distances.

Look at it this way. If you need to create a very large and complex formation, it is likely that you will need to maintain a fixed point of reference to ensure accuracy. The radio transmissions generated by these facilities would surely be as accurate as the Global Positioning Satellites we use to navigate everything from civilian airlines to smart bombs.

The message "COnduit CLOSING," in conjunction with the narrow range of days in which these formations appear each year, shows that the "COnduit" of these particular messages is very narrow.

Considering that crop circle formations appear in other times of the year, it reasonable to assume that there are many such conduits. However, this particular "COnduit" is most likely rather wide and conducive to creating large and complex formations. In a manner of speaking, perhaps the difference between this "COnduit" and others is the same difference as that between DSL and 56K modem Internet connections. (And we know how hard it can sometimes be to find a good DSL connection in your neighborhood.)

Another critical aspect is that this "COnduit" is short lived and that it occurs at about the same time each year with the context of Earth's orbit around the Sun.   Therefore, this "COnduit" obviously requires a precise alignment between Earth and the source of these crop circle formations.

And finally, the comma at the end of the message "COnduit CLOSING," clearly implies that this "COnduit" will most likely reopen once again this coming August 2003. If so, it will be most interesting to see what kind of message if any, that we will recieve and where.

While we will keep our eyes peeled this coming August for another message, let's analyze the ones we've already recieved.

[1] [2] [3]


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