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Man-made Global Warming is a Global Cooling Conspiracy

YOWUSA.COM, 11-March-2007
Marshall Masters

Man-made Global Warming is a Global Cooling ConspiracyMan-made global warming is not about fossil-fuel driven consumer societies running selfishly amok. Rather, it is about a decades-old global conspiracy to save the industrialized world. From what? The certain devastation of another mini ice age, such as the one responsible for the Dark Ages — or even worse.

Directed by influential and obscure power brokers, this conspiracy is directly connected to an arguably noble end, vis-a-vis highly dubious and divisive means.

Is this article an expose chocked full with the confessions of disenfranchised co-conspirators? No. Rather, it connects the man-made global warming dots in a similar manner to the way in which underworld crime figures are brought to justice via the RICCO statute.

This statute become law during the Nixon administration and allows for convictions based on patterns of deception and conspiracy. Ergo, when we apply RICCO logic to man-made global warming, we see an ongoing pattern of deception and global conspiracy, and so the real truth of the matter becomes self-evident. One in which powerful capos have enlisted us all as willing soldiers.

Why haven’t the members of the media broken this story? Simply put, news people no longer own major news outlets. Large corporate consortia do, and they've entrusted our need to know to armies of well-coiffured suits who measure truths against their return on investment. Consequently, news has been reduced to an infotainment commodity, which is not a bad thing. The meek bloggers of the world are inheriting the sacred trust of getting at the truth. One such blogger is Chris Mooney, the Washington correspondent for Seed magazine and the author of The Republican War on Science. He sums up the current media situation pretty well.

Intersection, 6 March 2007
Our Massive Communication Failure on Climate Change

Chris Mooney
The press is indeed culpable for failing to communicate the nature of our looming climate problem--but then, so are the scientists, science advocates, environmentalists, and others who care deeply about this issue, but who have failed to discuss it in a way that resonates beyond a relatively small circle of like-minded devotees. In short: We all have a great deal more to do...and the clock is ticking.

However, the lack of integrity in this whole debate is saddening. Petroleum and coal producers have managed to cloud this vital public debate while they receive special consideration from the present administration. Worse than that is the general apathy of the public at large. That is until uncle Harry has a coronary while shoveling snow or aunt Beatrice moves in until she can get enough money to fix the storm damage to her house.

Yet, public apathy and corporate greed are not enough to satisfy the vital questions of why this all happening. There must be more, and there is.

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That is why the first step in unraveling this conspiracy is to find the loose thread. As with any deception or conspiracy, there will always be one. If you gently and patiently pull at it, it will unravel the whole truth. That is why this article begins at the loose thread, itself, the simple difference between warming gases and cooling particles.

Warming Gases

Solar WarmingWarming gases are components of the atmosphere that contribute to what we commonly refer to as the greenhouse effect. This term draws on the manner in which farmers keep their greenhouses warm, which makes it inherently misleading, because it does not describe the primary mechanism that warms greenhouses. No doubt, such inaccuracies within the core language of global warming have served those who wish to sow confusion with pointless debates well. Therefore, let's use simple layman’s terms to slice through this confusion. Instead of talking in terms of mechanisms, we will talk in terms of results.

LAYMAN'S DEFINITION: Warming gases cause the Earth biosphere to warm.

The four major warming gases are:

Major Warming Gas
Cause %
Water Vapor
(not including clouds)
Water is the only greenhouse gas that also condenses in the normal temperature range on Earth. Humans just speed up the naturally present cycle of water evaporation and condensation, a heat cycle. The heating up of the Sun has the exact same effect.
Carbon Dioxide
87 ppm increase since 1750.
1,045 ppb increase since 1750.
44 ppb increase since 1750.

The other lesser warming gases include nitrous oxide, sulfur hexafluoride, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons. (Yes, even dentists contribute to global warming, and we love them for it. Give me the gas, doc!)

How these warming gases behave pretty much describes the difference between the two major types of warming gases. Those created by nature and those created by man, and these distinctions are not always clear-cut. Let's take methane, for example.

Cows and MethaneWell over a century before the birth of Jesus, the Roman dramatist Andria Terence said it best. "Moderation in all things." Methane is very helpful to life on this planet when it occurs in the atmosphere in moderation. In Terence's time, the estimated number of humans inhabiting this lovely blue green mud ball of ours was approximately 150 million. Today, we have 6 billion humans on this earth, and we all fart and burp just like cows. (English royalty excepted.)

A recent California-based study concluded that cows burp and fart up to 20 pounds of methane each year. Short of racing around the California countryside with rubber hoses and sampling containers, let's trim the fat of those findings down to just 5 pounds of methane a year. Now, let's do the math.

Given that vegetarians point to feedlot beef as a major source of methane, let's eliminate livestock destined to become Big Macs and Whoppers and stick to dairy cattle in California. According to the California Dairy Industry, the state's 1.5 million dairy cows produce 19% of the nation's milk supply for consumption by meat eaters and vegetarians alike. (OK vegans, you get a pass on this one, so stop whining.)

The message in the math is simple. In order to satisfy the milk demands of California meat eaters and vegetarians alike means that we're putting 7.5 million pounds of methane into the atmosphere each year to give Californians their choice of half-and-half or skim milk lattes. On a national level, that means that our collective dairy farming efforts are are pumping over 37.5 million pounds of methane into the atmosphere each year, to satisfy the nation's thirst for milk and milk products. Then, there is the rest of the world.

Given that cow farts and burps are made by nature, is nature to blame here? As we to blame? Yes again, as we're the awful milk-crazy maniacs who could care less as to how many cows it takes to butter our toast and whiten our coffee in the morning. Besides, those happy talking dairy cows in the TV commercials are just so darn cute, so what's a little methane between species, so quit carping, and get a life. (Isn't that the point here?)

Cooling Particles

Cars Under SnowOur media have a myopic, sound bite focus on the terms "man-made global warming" and "greenhouse gases" which blind them and us to an equally important concept called "global dimming." If the media were truly independent, they could eliminate much of the present confusion regarding global warming. For example, the people living on the East Coast have been so busy digging out from horrendous snow storms this year that convincing them that global warming is real, is arguably a tough sell. Why? Because the media has consistently and carefully sidestepped the issue of global dimming.

LAYMAN'S DEFINITION: Cooling particles cause global dimming. Dimming occurs when cooling particles in the atmosphere block enough sunlight falling on a given area of the Earth to mask the effects of global warming.

Just as with warming gases, there are two basic types of cooling particles. Those created by nature and those created by man, and again, these distinctions are not always clear-cut.

Approximately 90% of all cooling particles are created by nature. The principal causes are sea spray, volcanoes, dust storms, fires and living vegetation. The other 10% is man-made and is the result of human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels. Unlike warming gases, which have a mostly singular impact on the biosphere, cooling particles have different ways of interacting with sunlight and can also can affect our quality of life in very different ways. Two quality-of-life examples are the current snow storms in New York and the erosion of historic buildings and statuary in Europe.

Coal-fired Electric PlantThis winter has seen brutal snow storms in the Eastern part of the country. Freakishly cold weather, when compared with the relatively mild winter experienced in the West.

This is partly due to the massive numbers of coal-fired electrical plants in the East and the fact that nearly a third of all the US coal-fired electric generating capacity in the country is exempt from new requirements that mandate they scrub their air emissions. Consequently, their sulfur dioxide emissions are becoming what are called sulfate aerosols, which in layman's terms are just good old fashioned cooling particles.

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